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Broadside report entitled 'Strange and Wonderfull Apparitions'




That was see in the Air, over the most Parts of E U R O P E on March Lost
1719. but' more Particularly, in SCOT LAND, 'ENGLAND,
FRANCE, and SPAIN. with same Remarks thereon

THE Great Lightnings which was seen in the Clouds in March last, in this Part
and in othere pans of Scotland,a. England; hath been much more observabl
mother pans of Europe   Of which we have gotten a True and Particular
Account, by Letters teem France and spain, from them who were Eye Wit-
nesses of these Apparitions.

Upon the 19th, March last, at Aberdeen in the North of Scotland, about Nine a Clock
at Night there appeared in the Air, a great Lightning amongst the Clouds, which
were of divers Colours, as Red, Yellow, Green, &c. And there was great Flaughs of
Fireamongst the Clouds, which issued out from them like Sheets enfolding one ano
ther ; tne People to theii appearance thought that the Cloud touched the Earth, and
Came down with a great Noise, which made many of the beholders run into their Hou.
ses, for fear the Fire should have devoured them.

Upon the 19th of March last, 1719, there was seen in the Air, over the City of
Glasgow a great and surpriseing Light of several Coulers, and immediatly thereafter
thereappeared as it were a large Flaming Sword to the amazement of all Spectators,
and imnediaily vanished, then immediatly appeared two great Fires which was very
dreadfull to tehold, tor the Fire come to the Very Grownd

Upon the first April last, there was seen over the City of Paris in France,about
E ght a Clock in the Evining, a large kind of Comet, which shew'd such a great Light,
as if it had been the Sun at Noon. Day ; The Inhabitants wondering to see such an un-
usuall sight, were wonderfully Afraid; And while they were beholding it hanging in
the Air, it brust asunder, and came down like Rays of Fire above the City, the People
being astonished at the sight thereof, thought it would have set the, whole City on Fire;
The last Thursday at Wrexham, within Eight Miles of West Chester in England, be.
tween Nine and ten a Clock at Night, the Sky on the South West part of the Moon,
was observed on a sudden be of divers Colours, as Red , Green , Yellow, &c. And soon
afer, a Large Furry Ball appeared in the Clouds so very bright that the People of the;
Town, thought all their Houses were on Fire, and ran into the Steets, where they
saw the Ball burst and fall to the Earth, exactly like a Sky Rocket, with a longtrain of
Fire, it gave sucn a Light, that one would have seen the smallest Prine lying on the
Streets, it continued a little time after the Ball was seen; the Inhabitants were very
much terrified at the Sight thereof.

The same Night, at the City of Oxford in England, about that same time of Night
there Appeared a great Fire in the Air, and little afterwards, they heard a Discharge of
above Hundred Cannon, at which several of the Inhabitants were Frightned into Fits;
It was just above their Heads,and they saw as it were Smoak,coming out of the Mouth
of the Cannons; and they heard a great noise like an Army shouting for Victory. It so
Terrified some of the Inhabitaots, that they are still besides themselves, and there
is little hope of their Recovery. I have this Account from the Vice-Chancellour, of
Magdalen College in Oxfoord.

Turney April the 5th 1719, you have a full and true Account of the dreadfull Fire
which came down upon Rounesend and Burnt 510 Houses, and 12 person Burnt by
that dreadfull Fire.

We may behold (if we be not willfully Wind ) that the LORD oftentimes lets us see
his Wonders and Signs in the Air above, and on the Earth, and in the Sea-, and all
for our Instrucflion, that we may learn to turn from our Evil Ways unto Him, and
so escape the just Judgment of GOD, that hangs over our Heads for our Sins, and not
to be like the misbelieving Jews, before the Destruction of Jerusalem, who saw suck
like Signs above their City, and yer they hardned their Hearts, and would not believe
their approaching Danger, untill the Judgements threatned came upon them, and sweepr
ed them put of thtir own Land ; Which may serve for a Caution to all of us, to break
off from our Sins, and turn to the LORD, who is able and willing to save as from
these Judgements, which our Sins do justly deserve.


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Date of publication: 1719   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(049)
Broadside report entitled 'Strange and Wonderfull Apparitions'
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