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Broadside entitled 'Elegy'


E      L      E      G    Y


The much to   be Lamented Death,



Who Departed this Life June the 6th 1717.

Y E Loyalists your Weeds put on,
    Of Sable black, sure Marks of moan
For any Loyal Soul that's gone.
For here's great need.
Since Loyal Margaret's Dead and gone,
Without Remeed.

To tell her Praise it is but Vain.
Since that her Noble Heart and Name,
Upon the high Flown wings of Fame
Each one may Read.
But Death the best of Hero's Stain,
thus Margaret's Dead,

Yet somewhat of her I'le declair.
Which would be count'd strang else where
Her noble Hearted Mind and Cheer,
Without an dread,
For Courage bold without Compair,
but Ah ! she's Dead.

The like of her you never saw,
From her,   her Principls to draw;
Was but in vain she stood no awe,
of Foot nor Head.   
She was without a Crack or Flaw,
but now file's Dead.

Upon the Twenty Ninth of May,
King Charles she did Deck full gay,
In Royal fort did him array,
Nay Crown'd his Head.
But who can new this Actor Play ?
Since that's she's Dead.

Upon the Tenth of June her Fire,
Of Coals her Fellows so inspire,
That as a Queen they her admir.
and without   dread.
They drank what Healths she them desir'd
But now she's Dead.

The much Cause of her Death I fear.
Is for to fee how Things do steiar
Her Loyal Heart   it could not bear
This Fear and Dread,
Hath put her Head in such a stear,
That's Feld her Dead.

Of late from such Delights Discharg'd
Wherein her Heart was so inlarg'd,
Hath her with so much greif o'rcharg'd
That no Remeed,
Is for her found, Death so heir Charg'd
That now she's Dead.

Yet tho Discharg'd in hope she Liv'd,
To see the former Play revived,
But Contrair News    her so grived
her Loyal Head.
That it was strange so long she Liv'd,
but now she's Dead.

Once more the Twenty Ninth of May,
She Liv'd to see with great dismay,
But for rhe Tenth of June to stay,
there's no Remeed,
For she must hence without delay,
to Grave with speed.

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Date of publication: 1717   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(036)
Broadside entitled 'Elegy'
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