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Broadside entitled 'The Faithful Sheepherd'



Faithful   Sheepherd


Funeral POEM,

To the Memory of that pious and learned Pastor,
the Reverend Mr. Thomas Paterson, Minister
of the Gospel at St. Cuthbert's, who dropt
Mortality Sabbath 22. May 1726.

J E S U S the faithful Sheepherd of the Flock,
    Harn built his Fold upon a solid Rock.
Storms ann the Gates of Hell shall   never shake,
Tho' like the Ark you'd think it water weak.      
Toss'd on the Waves, or like the burning Bush
Expos,d, to lurious Flames which round it rush
Its strengh is great, and hid from human Eyes,
For the Foundation Stones above the Skyes.
'Tis true the under Sheepherds of the Flock
Are Men, and die, and drop the pastral Crook.
Their Labours dO survive them, tho' their Dead)
They sow'd, and JESUS fructified the Seed.)
With which the Sheep on wholesom Herbage feed.)

Wee mourn, a Pastor dropt unto his Rest    )
Who many Gifts and ev'ry Grace possest,       )
And sacr-d Love flam'd in the Prophet's Breast.)
Complaints like ours were spread thro' Ramach's
When Samuel died, and ev'ry face grew pale, (vale,
Our Gospel Samuel, our Elijah's gone,
T' augment the Choir, surrounds the eternal Throne.
The venerable Man, who preach'd so long.
And charm'd his Audience with the Gospel Song.
In Favour with his G O D, by Saints admir'd
Our Churches faithful Prophet is expir'd.
Just Tribute to his Memory we'll pay.
Whilst Angels shall approve of all with Joy.

His Life was all a Sermon, all a Prayer.
Shind like a Moses in the holly Chair.
Ev'n Sons of Belial, void of Sence and Grace
Receiv'd Correction when they saw his Face,
'Twas aweful, full of Beauty and of Love,
And did a Lecture to the Wicked prove.
He did not wast his Lungs in Froath and Foam,
With Heart and Brains he prest the Conseience Home.
No/ill/ng Tales with Cant dropt from his Mouth,
In manly Words, delivered solid Truth.
Was well acquaint with Books, and mankind too,
Or Learning had an universal View.
Knew all the senceless Jargon of the Schools,    )
And by his Life and Sermons prov'd them Fools;)
For he join'd Truth with Grace, and walk'd by
Gospel Rules.                      )

His reasoning was deep tho' very clear,
Gave Knowledge to the Soul and charm the Ear.
A pleasant Temper 'mongst his Gifts took place,
And shew'd good Nature was allay'd to Grace
He liv'd in Peace, and hated Broils and Din,
And never had a Quarrel save with Sin.
But when the Wicked pled for what will damn us,
O then he was an Unbelieving Thomas.

This good Man's gone, and maylthe pious plead)
GOD's Promise to his covenanted Seed.          )

To guard her 'gainst her Foes, for   he's the
Churches head,


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Date of publication: 1726   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(034a)
Broadside entitled 'The Faithful Sheepherd'
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