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Broadside entitled 'The Lamentation, and last Farewell'


The Lamentation, and last Farewel

Of Serjeant William Ainslie, who was Executed over the Castle-Wall of Edinburgh,
for High Treason and Treachery, on Monday the 24th of December, 1716.

LET all Bold Soldiers far and near,
That fees my dismal Fall,
Lament my sad and wretched End,
That's brought my self in Thrall ;
Here to the World I do declare,

The Castle to Betray.
Full Fifty Pounds I was to have,
for which I'm Doom'd to Die.


My Name is William Ainslie.
A Serjeant Stoat and Bold,
In Flanders I the French have Fought,
And would not be Control'd :
And Loyal was to King and Crown,

my Trust did ne're Betray,
Till I was tempted with that Gold,
For which I'm Doom'd to Die.


While I did in the Castle ly,

In Irons close Confin'd
For my Dear Wife and Children all,

My Heart no Ease could find,
To GOD I did for Mercy cry,
As I in Fetters lay.
Both Night and Day to him I'le Pray,

Since I am Doom'd to Die.

Ah! wo be to that cursed Gold,

That did my Heart intice,
To act such a gross Treachery,

The Castle to Surprise ;
But wo's me, for my Treachery,

My Hour is drawing nigh.
For I most hang out o're the Wall,

Most Just Deservedly.


Good People, pray do not revile,

My Wife and Children dear;
Whom I so dearly lov'd on Earth,

Lord to my Soul draw naer :
I hope in Mercy he'l appear,

For still to him I'll cry ;
Since I most Justly, am condemn'd,

Over the Wall to dy.

They told me a must hang some Days,

Over the Castle-Wall ;
Until the Rope takes Fire and breaks,

Then to the Ground I fall:
But since that I must suffer here,

Unto the Lord, I'll pray;
Take Warning By my shameful End,

I just deserve to dy.

Since many People here is come,

This Day to see me dy;
I hope their Prayers to God they'l send

For me, before I dy:
My vital Breath will soon be gone,

With a strong Rope and Tree;
But yet I hope my Peace is made,

With God who lives on high.

Those that did cause my dismal End,

I do forgive them here;
For now my Life lyes at the Stake,

Oh ! Lord, to me draw near :
My precious Soul I pray receive,

For unto Thee I'll fly;
For I have acted Treason great,

And for it I must die.

I wish all People Warning take,

That's come to see me die;
The World unto you I'll leave,

For all Eternity :
I must away, farewel, adieu

My Wife and Children all;
For I must hang into the Air,

Over the Castle-Wall.

All you that fees me here this Day,

I desire you all to pray;
That all ray Sins God would forgive,

Since I am brough to die:
Let every one both far and near

Take Warning now by me;
Your Trust, I pray, never betray,

For which you sea me die.
F   I   N   I   S.

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Date of publication: 1716   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(031)
Broadside entitled 'The Lamentation, and last Farewell'
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