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Broadside regarding the piratical seizure of a French vessel


We have the following Account of a
horrid Murder committed by Pirates
on the Coast of Ireland, and how they
threw the Crew over board.

PEter Tartoue, Master of a French Vessel belonging to
Nants, being last Winter in the Harbour of Cork, took on
board four Passengers for France ; but they were no sooner at
Sea, but the said Passengers kill'd the said Master and all the
Crew, and carried the Vessel into Dart mouth, where they new
painted her, and made some other Alterations that she should
not be known: Monsieur Chamorel, the French Secretary,
having Notice of this, represented it to my Lord Carteret; his
Lordship, sent Orders for a strict Search to be made in all the
Ports of great Britain and Ireland, to have the Ship secured for
the Owners, and the Offenders brought to Justice. Some time
after this, an Information was given to his Lordship, that a
Person who call'd himself John Eustace, and, was under an
Arrest for Debt, was suspected to be one of those concern'd
In this Murder. Upon which, his Lordship, by Warrant, or-
dered him to be brought before him, and, upon Examination,
still insisting that his Name was Eustac, not with standing that
a Letter was found in his Pocket dire ted to him by the Name
of Roch, and written by his Wife; but being confronted by a
Captain, who had been personally acquainted with him for
several Years he confess'd his Name to be Philip Roch ; but
having prevaricated in several Particulars, which increased the
Suspicion against him, his Lordship committed him to Newgate
for Piracy, and violent Suspicion of Murder; after he had lain
in Newgate a few Days, he confess'd the said Murder, and na-
med his Accomplices ; as also the Murder of one Henry Ousley.
Upon his Description of the Persons of his Accomplices, and
his named the Places where they were most likely to be found,
his Lordship issued his Majesty's Orders for the apprehending
them: By which Means two of them, viz. Richard Neale
and Francis Wise, have already been taken in Ireland, and
Orders are sent for bringing them over here, in order to be
tried by a Court of Admirality, and diligent search is made after
the fourth.

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Probable date published: 1725   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(014)
Broadside regarding the piratical seizure of a French vessel
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