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Broadside entitled 'Brutal Assault and Murder!'


Brutal Assault



An Account of a most Brutal Assault,
committed on a young woman, to the
great effusion of her blood, in a Field
off the Glasgow Road, on Saturday
evening last, May 22, 1830, and the
Miscreant siezed and lodged in the
Police Office. Together, with farther
Particulars of Murdoch Grant, Pedlar,
at Assynt, and of the apprehension of
a young man named M'Leod, who
was lodged in Jail, on strong suspi-
cions of being concerned in this hor-
rid transaction.

THE following paragraphs are copied from this
morning's Observer, detailing the above
shocking circumstances, which must be revolting
to every friend of humanity, and disgraceful to the
age we live in, being now become so common :....

' Brutal Assault.?On Saturday evening, between
eight and nine o'clock, as a person from Glasgow
was on his to Paisley, and while near the Half-way
House, his attention was arrested by the cries of a
female, which appeared to issue from an adjoining
field. He soon came in sight of a fellow in the
act of assaulting a woman, whose face, it is stated,
was covered with blood. On the man's approach,
the assailant fled, but was overtaken at the mo-
ment he was nearing the Paisley Road. Fortu-
nately at this time a carrier's cart happened to
pass, on which the miscreant was hoisted, and
safety conveyed to the Paisley Police Office.'

' The Murder at Assynt.....After a careful and

laborious examination, a young man named M'
Leod, a native of the district of Assynt, has been
committed to Dornoch Jail, on being an acces-
sary, if not a principal, in the recent murder of
Murdoch Grant, a pedlar, at Assynt, in Suther-
landshire. We formerly stated that the sheriff
of this town (Inverness) while attending the cir-
cuit, and his labours, we understand, in traver-
sing that wild, inhospitable country, and eliciting
every circumstance connected with the appalling
event, have been unremitting. The first sight of
the body convinced ,the examinators that the de-
ceased met his death by violence. It was dread-
fully bruised and mangled, apparently with a
hatchet. It was also discovered that the murder
must have taken place at a short distance from
the lake, as on one spot the heather was covered
with blood, and bore marks of a severe struggle
having taken place. After lying here, apparently
for some days, the body had been dragged along
the ground and thrown into the lake. The de-
ceased had left his parish of Lochbroom with
L.50 worth of goods in his pack, and money on
his person to the amount of L.5, and it was as-
certained that before the time of his being missed,
he had sold nearly all his goods, consequently,
the booty secured by the murderer must have been
considerable. Suspicion alighted on M'Leod, from
his changing a L.5 bank note, he having before
been in the utmost poverty, and without any ob-
vious means of raising such a sum. On examina-
tion, he is said to have prevaricated, and other
suspicious circumstances transpired against him,
he was committed to Dornoch Jail. Additional
information has been obtained since the return of
the Sheriff of Sutherlandshire from As synt, tend-
ing to confirm the suspicions against M'Leod, and
also tending to implicate another individual in the
guilt of that transaction. Inverness Courier.




It is with deep and most heartfelt sorrow
and regret, that we have to announce the
death of our much beloved Sovereign, which
took place at Windsor, on Saturday morning
June 26, at a quarter past 3 o'clock, having
reigned in peace ten year, four month and 27

His Majesty was born on the 12th, and
created Prince of Wales on the 17th August
1762; was married on 8th April 1795, to
his cousin, Princess Caroline Amelia of
Brunswick, by whom he had the late much
lamented Princess Charlotte Augusta, who
died in childbed on 6th November 1817;
was appointed Regent in February 1811 ;
succeeded his father on 29th January 1820 ;
was crowned on the 19th July 1821 ; visit-
ed Scotland August 1822.

The late King is succeeded by Prince Wil-
liam Henry, Duke of Clarence and St An-
drews, &c. who was born on 21st August
1765; married on 11th July 1818, to the
Princess Adelaide Louisa Theresa Caroline
Amelia, eldest daughter of the late and sister

to the present Duke of Saxe Meinenge.........

The issue of the marriage was, the Princess
Charlotte Augusta, born and died 27th
March 1819, and the Princess Elizabeth,
born 10th December 1820, and died 4th
March the following year.

The Earl of Errol, the Hon. John Erskine
Kennedy (second son of the Earl of Cassilis),
Mr Philip Sydney, M.P., for Eye, and Lieut-
Colonel Charles Fox of the 34th Eegiment of
Foot, stand in relation of sons-in-law to the
present King, having married the Misses
Elizabeth, Augusta, Sophia and Mary Fitz-
clarence. Colonel Fitzclarence, of the Royal
Fusileers, married in 1821, Lady Augusta
Boyle, daughter of the Earl of Glasgow, and
Colonel George Fitzclarence is son-in-law to
the Earl of Egremont. Captain Adolphus
Fitzclarence, R.N., and the Rev. Adalphus
Fitzclarence, Rector of Maple-Durham, are

Sun-Office, Quarter past Twelve.

His Majesty King William IV. has just
arrived at St James' Palace.

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Date of publication: 1830   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(96)
Broadside entitled 'Brutal Assault and Murder!'
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