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Broadside regarding criticism of the Town Council


A full, true, & particular Account





With a full description of all their qualities, as exhibited at the


On TUESDAY, 29th November 1842.

1st?Chimpanzee, or Sleepy-Jamie, a small liver coloured puppy, a most unhappy tem-
pered whelp, a great snarler, bites right and left, has evidently a touch of mange, not liked in
the Kennel from his bad propensities ; this dog had his tail bit off last month, which has
made him much more vicious.

2d.?Client. This dog is good tempered, with training would make a good retreiver, but
posseses the vice of smelling bitches when sent an errand, and often lags by the water-side.

3d?Tot. A Scotch poodle-dog, good tempered, and though slow, follows steady : from
his general appearance he seems to have been pupped with a silver-spoon in his mouth, and
if put on low diet, might do his work better.

4th?Solicitor. Is a staunch West-country dog, of the Deer-hound breed, has a good
nose, he is a sure leader on the scent .

5th?Pomatum. A soft-haired dog, has lately come out as a leader in the Pack, has more
bottom than brains, and smells strong of his lair.

6th?Baps. A ferocious looking dog, a good ratter, though he is understood to have
none of the Terrier in him, being a cross between the lurcher and the colley; is easily cowed
by the Whipperin, but hunts well in the Parsons' pack.

7th?Dean. A Poodle, was trained by a Stockingweaver, who kept him for his wool;
of course, not well bred ; and when he breaks from the kennel, is often found in strange
company. This dog wants pluck, and at a sharp brush may be found running south with his
tail between his legs.

8th? Bangor.    A slate coloured dog, is fond of giving mouth on a false scent ; runs after
the boys when they cry " Maister, Maister," a thorough messen, seems proud of his hair, and
at night often earths at the foot of Leith Wynd.
(All these dogs are kept chained, that they may frighten, but not worry Beggars & Thieves.)

9th?Knight. This dog is good at starting game, but wants perseverance to hunt it down ;
he is a general favourite in the Pack, though often at fault ; he is sickly, which may account for
his apparent want of energy and bottom.

10th?Schneider. A clumsy dog, a sort of nondescript, a regular babbler, bred by a
tailor, too fat for work, often mangie, which he cures by eating bow-kail. The trail of an old
buckle will lead him off the scent.

11th? Brush. A good sharp dog, makes no noise and runs close; always in at the death,
and has turned up a great many hares in his day.

12th?Typo. A large stout clumsy dog. has damaged his teeth worrying his neighbours. 'when
kept in the Police Kennel ; having been found straying unmuzzled, on the High street, during
the dog days ; he was presented to this Kennel by the Gentlemen of the first ward, who had
long hunted with him and prized him much ; a quiet dog, but very ferocious when at-
tacked : Chimpanzee goes much easier to his work when this dog is muzzled : on the
whole, an ugly customer.

13th?Pompey. A vain dog, a cross between a turnspit and a lady's poodle, doubles on
the scent, so that no good dog will follow his lead, silky haired, and bites his own tail, very
fond of burrowing in meadows, where he lately found a Mare's Nest ; has a good nose after
stolen goods, and was much prized for this in the Police Kennel ; snuffs keenly at turf.

14th?Wasp. A wiry-haired Scotch Terrier, entered to the vermin by a thin Mason ; fond
of burrowing in the Cowgate, where he finds Game to his taste ; backs Typo in barking at
Chimpanzee. He and Typo hunt well in couples ; he is of the right sort.

15th?Cleaver. A large rough grey Sheep-dog, with a stubborn temper, and a few
good points.

16th?Quill. A smooth Terrier, staunch at his work ; makes no noise in the Kennel.

17th?Cameleon. A smooth oily-skinned sad dog, on which none can depend, apt to slip
out of the hands of the Whipperin ; invariably lifts his leg on the stone which Chimpanzee
has watered : was turned out of the Kennel for the mange, but was driven back by the mob
and the Parsons' Pack : howls loud when the Whipper lashes Chimpanzee.

18th?Bolus. A small light dog, seems from his smell to roll himself up in assaf?tida,
barks vicious whenever Chimpanzee shows his teeth ; is apt to be led off the scent when a
Parson crosses it; otherwise a good dog.

19th-Pewter-Pot.    A long lank useless whyte dog.    N.B.?May be had cheap.

20th?Tick-Tick. A slovenly meagre dog, lately taken into the Kennel for want of a
better : is in bad condition, though a good feeder ; was a snarler, but is quiet under Chim-
panzee and Cameleon ; looks ill as his coat is bad.

21st?Hairy. An old dog of great bottom ; a Mastiff with a dash of the Bull in him,
holds well, and at a worry shews more game than the whole Pack ; has a panchent for rub-
bing against cloth.

22d?Brief. A Foxhound of the true breed, has a great antipathy to Asses, sometimes
shy, but when roused, he goes through his work in earnest, and with effect; supposed to have
been pupped on Logan Braes.

23d?Ruble. Got by Plaster. A pawky dog, but is understood to hunt well when stark
and unincumbered with couples.

24th?Hod.    An old stiff dog, nearly worn out, always lifts his leg after Chimzpanzee.

25th?Crispin. A dull heavy dog, good for nothing, except appearance ; howls loud when
out of the Kennel, but never in it.?A dog of no pluck.

26th?Ned.    A lame dog but a good one.

27th?Bill-the- Younger. A young dog not much known, but shews good points : if well
trained, will prove useful.

28th?Exchange.   A quiet good dog, but easily led off the scent by a Church or a Parson.

29th?Clifton.    A high bred and gentle dog, but sometimes loses scent like the former.

30th?Doctor.    A harmless dog ; has swallowed many pills, prescribed by the Parsons.

31st?Tory.    A singularly coloured dog, considered staunch, new to the Pack.

32d?Conservatine. This dog is not new to the Pack, is well known, feeds well, and is
very quiet

33d?Kipps. A new dog, black and tanned, from Forfarshire, is rather quiet, but expec-
ted to be a good working Terrier, particularly in drawing Apes and such-like vermin.

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Date of publication: 1842   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(153)
Broadside regarding criticism of the Town Council
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