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Broadside entitled 'Jack the Coachmaker'


Jack the Coachmaker.

Ques. Who is it that modestly proposed himself as the Successor of Lord Advo-
cate Jeffrey in the Representation of Edinburgh ??Ans. Jack the Coachmaker !

Ques. Is there any human creature who honestly believes Jack to be in all or even
in any respect qualified to represent the Modern Athens in the Commons House of
Parliament ??Ans. Yes, one; Jack the Coachmaker.

Ques. Who is it that by common consent is set down as the most shallow, arro-
gant, presumptuous, conceited and self-sufficient coxcomb that ever wriggled itself
into notoriety, or escaped being breached for its habitual impertinence ??Ans. Jack
the Coachmaker.

Ques. Who is that fawns on and cringes to his superiors, enacting to a marvel
the part of Macsycophant, whilst towards his inferiors and dependants he plays the
petty tyrant, comineering and swaggering with characteristic insolence ??Ans. JACK

Ques. Who is it that, having once proposed to " chuck" the Kirks to the Devil
or Jack Robison, now pathetically undertakes to die for Religion ??Ans. JACK THE

Ques. Who is it that a reverend and truly pious Minister of the Gospel openly,
In the face of a Church Court, classed among " infidels and scoffers,"?Ans. JACK
THE COACHMAKER. Who has now sworn to stand by the Kirk and the true faith?
namely, the Annuity-Tax,?" as long as there is breath in his body."

Ques. Who is it that affects to consider the friendship of Childe Harold as a dis-
honour, and the fact of companionship with the the great Poet of Liberty, who died
a martyr to the cause hallowed by his genius and inspiration, as presumptive evi-
dence of irreligion ??Ans. Ye Gods ! JACK THE COACHMAKER.

Ques. Who is it that having been recently Whig and Reformer, has now Ratted
back to the Tories, in the hope of stepping into Parliament on their shoulders? ?
Ans. Jack the Coachmaker.

Ques. Who is it that his present suppor ers, including, of course, Primo Buffo of
the party, scoff at in their clubs as the knight of the poll who aspires to a seaton
the box ??Ans. Jack the Coachmaker.

Ques. Who is that, in spite of his nose, considers himself an A-poll-o ??Jack the
Coachmaker ?

Ques. Who is it that, calling himself a man of business, first declared the finan-
ces of the Corporation of Edinburgh in a flourishing condition, and the assets to the
debts, as thirty to twenty, yet afterwards took credit to himself for making the as-
tounding discovery that this flourishing Corporation was in a state of insolvency ??
Ans. Jack the Coachmaker.

Ques. Who is it that, whilst the affairs of the city were in this condition, bank-
ruptcy impending, deliberately cast into the great gulf, where it was swallowed up
and, the fund which the benevolence of Dr Bell had set apart for educating the
poor of this city, which he now proposes to represent in Parliament??Jack the

Ques. Who is it that stood forth as sponsor to the odious and infamous Community
Estate Bill, the real object of which was to saddle on the citizens for ever and a day
the consequences of the gross mismanagement meat of self-elected and irresponsible Coun-
cils, and thus practically to destroy, or, at least, render wholly inoperative the
Burgh Reform which had recently before been obtained ??Ans. Jack the Coachman.

Ques. Who is it that first abused and maligned the deputation sent by the Inhabi-
tants' Committee to watch and control his proceedings,?then attempted to sneak
into the favour of those he had traduced,?then consented, when he could not help
himself, to give up the more obnoxious parts of his famous bill,?and, lastly, when
his hateful measure has been pruned and weeded of its abominations, returned to
Edinburgh, and openly boasted in Council that he had succeeded in carrying every
object originally contemplated by him ? Ans. JACK THE COACHMAKER.

Ques. And who is it that, with this rare stock of merit at his back, now offers
himself on the Tory interest, as a Candidate for tho suffrages of the Citizens of Edin-
burgh? Ans. Why 'tis JACK THE COACHMAKER.

Ques. But will they have him, strange mixture as he is of gironette, coxcomb and
double apostate, with such things to answer for besides ? Ans. Omnes: No, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no !!!!!

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1840   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(099)
Broadside entitled 'Jack the Coachmaker'
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