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Broadside entitled 'Inhabitants' Meeting'




A Full and Correct Account of the PUBLIC

EDINBURGH, in Rose Street Church,
on Saturday last,   to vote an address to
his Majesty on the late dissolution of Par-
liament,   and to petition the Magistrate
to elect the Right Hon. Francis Jeffrey,
Lord Advocate, as Member for the City,
?with the speeches delivered on the oc-
casion.?Also an account of Mr Jeffrey's
joyous reception in Edinburgh.

In consequence of advertisement made by
about two hundred respectable individuals,
a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Edinburgh
was held on Saturday last, in Rose Street,
Church, for the purpose of voting a loyal
and dutiful address to his Majesty on his
late exercise of the royal prerogative, in dis-
solving the Parliament, and of petitioning
the Lord Provost and Magistrates to elect
the Right Honourable Francis Jeffrey, Esq.
Lord Advocate, as Member of Parliament
for the City.

The doors being opened about 12 o'clock,
the church, which is capable of containing
nearly 16 000, was soon filled to excess by
the most respectable part of the Inhabitants.

John Craig, Esq. was called to the chair,
amid the reiterated cheers of the meeting.

Mr Andrew Skene, in an eloquent and
appropriate speech, proposed the first resolu-
tion,?that a loyal and dutiful address from
the Inhabitants be presented to our patriotic
Sovereign, King William IV. for the late
timely exercise of the royal prerogative, in
dissolving Parliament, with the view of as-
certaining the sentiments of his people on
the important question of Reform.            

Dr W. Thomson seconded the resolution,
and the address was unanimously adopted
by the enthusiastic cheers of the meeting.

Dr M'Laggan then moved that a petition
be presented to the Lord Provost and Magis-
trates, earnestly praying that they, as hold-
ing the right of election of a Member of
Parliament for the City in trust for the In-
habitants, would so far consider their own
honour, and that of the community at large,
as to elect the Right Honourable Francis
Jeffrey, Lord Advocate, as the only fit can-
didate worthy of representing the city.

Robert Hunter, Esq. seconded the resolu-
tion, and the petition was read and agreed
to amid the plaudits of the meeting.

The business being concluded, three hear-
ty cheers were given for the King, when the
meeting quietly dispersed.

Mr Jeffrey's Reception in
the City.

A Meeting of the Burgesses was held this
day in the   Royal Exchange Coffee-house,
for the united purposes of voting an address
to the King,   and petioning the Council in
favour of Mr Jeffrey, who having made his
appearance in the High Street, with his car-
riage, was hailed by the defening, acclama-
tions of thousands of rejoicing   spectators.
Crowd followed his progress down the North
Bridge and along Prince's Street, rending
the air with their tremendous cheering.    So
great was the enthusiasm of the populace,
that they attempted to unloosen the horses,
that they might draw him in triumph through
the city: and were only prevented by his
    peated earnest entreaties to desist.


         Edinburgh, Printed for the Hawkers.

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Probable date published: 1832   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(002)
Broadside entitled 'Inhabitants' Meeting'
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