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Broadside entitled 'Dreadful and Awful Riots in Paris!'






A Full and Particular Account of the Dreadful and Awful
Riots in Paris, (occasioned by the Anniversary of the Mur-
der of the Duke de Berri,) by the friends of Charles the
Tenth, now at Holyroodhouse,?With an account of the
Destruction of the Catholic Archbishop's Palace, and of
his Arrest, also an account of the capture of several of the

Yesterday morning, at eleven o'clock, about two hundred
persons went to the church of St Germain   l'Auxerrois, to at-
tend a commemoration service performed for the late Duke
of Berry. The rector of the parish officiated. An officer
who wore the insignia of several orders, took, from his coat
the cross of the order of St Louis, and attached it to the pall,
as did another officer the cross of the Legion of Honour.

Among the persons present were a pupil of the school of
St Cyr in uniform, and three national guards, one of whom
was named Valerius. A rumour having got abroad that the
bust of the Duke of Bordeaux had been crowned under the
title of Henry the Fifth, a crowd proceeded to the church, and
a disturbance being apprehended, the national guards on duty
at head-quarters, hastened to the spot By order of the com-
missary, the three nttional guards were arrested, and conduc-
ted to the office.

Valerius   publicly   declared   that   Henry    V.   was    his
Sovereign, and his wife exclaimed, " We must not surrender,
but must conquer or die."

By this time all Paris was in arms; and the Archbishop
of Paris being considered as the principal cause of the dis-
graceful proceedings at the ceremony, the wrath of the po-
pulace was levelled at him, his pala e was gutted and plunder-
ed, and every church in the city more or less damaged. So
complete was the destruction at the at the Archbishop's
palace, that the river Seine was covered with books, and
furniture of every description, which was thrown from his
window. It is strange that this took place on the day that
a report was circulated in Edinburgh that an express had
reached the Ex-King at Holyroodhouse that the King of
France had been assassinated.

Some individuals persisted in throwing stones at the church
of Notre Dame, insisting that some of the obnoxious Priests
were there.

The Archbishop, and a number of the ringleaders, have
been taken into custody.

The most awful alarm prevails throughout all Paris, and
great fears are entertained for the public safety.

John Campbell, Printer, Edinburgh.

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1836   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(001)
Broadside entitled 'Dreadful and Awful Riots in Paris!'
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