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Broadside entitled 'Dreadful Accident!'


From the GlasGow COURIER of this
Day, 22d October, 1825.

Dreadful Accident!

A Full and Authentic Account of the Dreadful and
Fatal ACCIDENT that happened the COMET
Steam-Boat, on her Passage from Inverness and
Fort-William to Glasgow, yesterday morning, Fri-
day the 21st October, 1825, when, off Kempock
Point, she was suddenly Struck by the Steam Boat
AYR, and instantly went down, by which melan-
choly cicumstance, SEVENTY Human Beings were
in a single moment precipitated into Eternity!!!

ON Friday morning the 21st October, 1825, the Steam Boat
Comet, with Passengers from Inverness and Fort William,
was run down of Kempock point, between Gourock and the Clough
Light House, by the Steam Boat Ayr, outward bound. In round-
ing the point the vessels came in contact with each other with such ,
force and violence, that the Comet went down almost instanteously,
when above 70 persons were, in a moment, precipitated into the
deep, into Eternity ? Ten only are saved out of above 80, which
ware believed to be on board. Amongst those escaped is the Mas-
ter, who was got on shore, but in such an exhausted state, that, at
the date of our latest accounts, he was unable to give any acccount ,
of what had, taken place, or of the Passengers on board. There is
too much reason to dread, that the greater number of those
who perished, are persons in the superior ranks of life.

Twelve dead bodies had been washed ashore at an early hour on
Friday morning, amongst these were two genteely dressed females,
two black servants, and Mrs. Wright, widow of the late Mr.
Archibald Wright, Druggist in Glasgow. In the pockets of the
body of a gentleman washed ashore, 70. was found.

Amongst those who perished, and whose names we can state
from good authority, is Mr. Graham, of Corpach, Mr. M'Allister,
W. S. Edinburgh, and Captain Suteerland, of the 33d Regiment,
and his Lady, who were only five days married.

The body of Captain Sutherland, and another passenger were
found in the yawl this morning. Mrs Sutherland caught hold of
Mr Colin Alexander Anderson, (the only Cabin passenger who is
saved) and for some time clung round him, but in the struggle with
the waves, she lost her hold and perished.

It is reported that amongst the sufferers is the Lady of a Colonel
"' in the army, with a family of seven children, from Inverness ; a
Mr. Campbell of Glasgow, with a young gentleman of the same
city; but we avoid mentioning names on vague reports, not wish-
ing to hurt the feelings of those who may have had friends and
acquaintances expected from these quarters of the country.

Amongst those that are saved, are the foresaid Mr. Anderson,
and the Engineman, Captain M'lnnes, the Pilot, the Carpenter, a
man passenger, from Fort George, a young girl, and a woman,
who were driven ashore between two tables, considerably bruised,
and who, most unfortunatly, lost her child.

Edinburgh :?Printed for William Robertson, Flying Stationer.

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Date of publication: 1825   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(61)
Broadside entitled 'Dreadful Accident!'
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