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Broadside entitled 'Miser'



An account of Joseph Macwilliam the
Miser, who was burnt to death on the
13th June 1826, by accident, in Rose
Street, when upwards of L3OOO was
found in the cellar he inhabited for
15 years, without either bed, chair or
table, and was observed to wear the
same clothes during that time, also an
account of his life.

The public are already aware from the public Prints, that a
man of the name of Joseph Macwilliam was lately (13th ult.)
burnt to death in Rose Street.    He had been for many years a
gentleman's servant,   and   during that time he was particularly
noticed as being of very penurious habits, by his fellow servants,
and even then his clothing was rather the worse of the winter
blast, and was often the theme   of merriment among his neigh-
bours.    He has latterly occupied   a low   damp cellar in Rose
Street.    This wretched being absolntely denied himself every
comfort and convenience of life,?not a bed, chair, or table was
in his hovel.    How this wretched being had accumulated so
much property, nearly 3000,   has not yet been satisfictorily
explained.    It might have   been expected   that his dwelling
would have contained a   mass   of rubish   which he night have
collected during his   peregrinations,?but it   was otherwise, for
even a pin   was converted   into   money; when he had collected
abont double the quantity which is usnally sold for a halfpenny
he would sell them for the same money.    After the accident, the
place was searched, when there were found banker's receipts for
the sum of 1499, 15s. 10d., besides the title-deeds of household
property exceeding 1108 in   valne!    Mr Cowie, hairdresser,
who lives immediately   above M'William's house, has observed
that the miser wore the same outer garments for upwards of 15

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Date of publication: 1826   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(389)
Broadside entitled 'Miser'
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