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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Showman'



What various ways some take indeed,
That they may gain their daily bread ;

Many to gain it, begging goes,
Others with comic puppy shows.

Ye envious Critics, try an' guess my name:
Thousands of times ye' ve seen an' heard the same ;
Millions of times ye've given me offence,
But I must say, it's for the want of sense.

In this Town I'm not a stranger,
Yet my life is in great danger,
With these wretched black-guard boys,
Where'er I go, who me annoys.

Cannot the Police make them yield ?
'Tis such as me that they should shield ;
I gave them no provocation,
Tho' they give me great vexation.

My bonny bairns, come here an' see
A wondrous sight for a baw-bee :
A sight that will you much surprise,
When you behold it wi' yer eyes.

If you will in't a moment gaze,
An' see the drawings it displays ;
When you the grand sight do behold,
You'll say it's not a lie I've told.

The light and dark shades it bestows,
I'm certain none of ye here knows ;
It's really on a famous plan,
Done by a very clever man.

There's ancient Kings, Queens, Lords, & Dukes,
Wi' garments fine an' curl'd perukes;
An' folk as gay as Peacocks bold,
A' dress'd in velvet trim'd wi' gold.

There, on the left, behold in state,
In golden urn, a Monarch great;
An' heaps o' ancient coins an' dresses,
Lying in coffins, as in presses.

Now look straight forward an' ye'll see,
Men who should never disagree;
Twa hoary parsons T an' G,
Desputin' about the Apocrapha.

There, also see a Russian Boar,
The like was never seen before;
An' various beasts both wild an' tame,
Many of which I cannot name.

The next scene is a subject rare,
A slaughter-house in Thingmay Square,
There human beings are in flocks,
Destroy'd by cruel bludy knocks.

On the right there is Boby Awl,
Wi' poor Daft Jamie an' Wag Fall;
Wag gave to Boby a sheep-head,
Savin' that wad mak' a fine feed.

That sheep-head ? Yes, the very same,
Poor Jamie got it to tak' hame,
But he had not gone far away,
Till Wag to Boby Awl did say-

Daft Jamie has stol'n yer sheep-head,
Run after him or ye'll ne'er see'd;
He's running fast up Craigie's close,
Run an' ye'll catch him at the cross.

Boby pursued him wi' a' speed,
Roarin' " Daft Jamie gee's my head ;"
Boby caught him an' gave him blows,
Which soon made blude come frae his nose.

Published by WILLIAM SMITH, 3 Bristo Port.?PRICE ONE PENNY.

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Likely date of publication: 1824-1828   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(315)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Showman'
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