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Broadside regarding the arrival of sporting ladies in Edinburgh



Who are arrived in EDINBURGH, from all the different
Towns in the Three Kingdoms, to take their Pleasure

MISS MARY SCOT, from Glasgow came,
a clever, hearty, bucksome quean ;
Arrived here to take her chance :
at sport or play, who well can dance.
But with no man she will agree,
but with the best of Qualitie.

Miss Jeany Reid, from Dundee,
as pretty a girl as e'er you did see:
Her temper it is kind and free,
and always keeps good company.

Miss Betty Brown, from Perth town,
she is a handsome pretty lass,
with any man she will take a glass.

Miss Peggy Bain, from Aberdeen,
as bonny a lass as e'er was seen.

Miss Nell Graham, from Montrose,         
beautiful and blooming as any rose.
Miss Jenny Dow, from Kirkcaldy came,
she is the flower of all Scotland.

Miss Mally Stewart, from Stirling town,
cloathed in silk, the toast of all the town.

Miss Baby Hall, from Dunbar,
the flower of all the East country.

Miss Sally Ross, from Haddington,
who would not kiss for half a crown.

Miss Beanie Burt, from Prestonpans,
she has two quick and nimble hands,

Miss Bell M'Nair, a bucksome fair,
who in sporting always had her share.

Miss Christy Skeen, who has too clever been,
and always ready, to act the pleasure lady.

Miss Fanny More whom Gentlemen
does much adore.

Miss Dolly Small, as pretty a Lady
as any of them all.

Miss Mackiver, who is handsome,
tall and cliver.   

Miss Mackay, a lovely lady,
in sporting she is always ready.

Miss Macksun, who stands alone,
will show you sport or all be done,

Miss Mackdonald, a clever dame,
for to sport she thinks no shame.

Miss Gall, she is both straight and tall,
as pretty as any of them all.

Miss Macdonald from Dublin city,
who is both tall and very pretty.

Miss Smith, come from London city,
she looks so well, she needs no ditty.

Miss Butler from the city of York,
she's likewise come to join the sport;
She is both bonny, blyth and, gay,
and has come here some time to stay.

N. B. Those who want any of the above Ladies, may call for them at Moffat's Close,
High-street   Edinburgh.

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Probable period of publication: 1810-1830   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(281)
Broadside regarding the arrival of sporting ladies in Edinburgh
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