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Broadside entitled 'Dreadful Duel!'



Full, True, and Particular Account of the Dis-
turbances in Ireland, with an account of the
Horrid Murders committed there__also an ac-
count of the Duel which was fought last week
between the D?e of W---------n and L?d

DEATH of the DUKE of W-----N.

On Friday morning last L?d A------p received
a billet by the hands of a high Military Officer.
On reading, his Lordship immediately sent for one
of his colleagues, when an arrangement was im-
mediately made with the Military officer above
mentioned. The parties met, by agreement, at
half-pa t three on the same day, and after the
usual preliminaries of adjusting the ground, the
parties fired, when the noble Duke received his
adversary's ball in the groin. He was assisted to
his carriage. which was in attendance, by two me-
dical gentlemen. The parties fired at six paces

We regret to state that dispatches of an unplea-
sant nature have reached Government from Ire-
land. A mob of several thousand persons, assem-
bled in the county of Meath, headed by a person
of note. The Magistrates found it necessary to
read the Riot Act, when the mob were addressed
by their leader, and afterwards dispersed.

The following letter will shew what an awful
aspect the present state of Ireland wears:

"Dublin, Tuesday.?Information has just
reached us that Navan is in a state of Rebellion.
Several lives were lost last night, and just now
troops are on their way in double quick time. A
company of the 9th and 92d Highlanders, with a
squadron of the 12th Lancers have just gone past
in full trot. More infantry are passing, and I learn
from the men that they carry loaded fire-arms.
Good God! What a state the country is in!
Troops go this morning for Kilkenny. The sol-
diers have 30 miles before them.'


A man named Lynch, a policeman, had been
found in a brothel in Goat-Alley, when he should
have been on duty, in consequence of which he
lost his situation. Ever since, he had been low-
spirited, and on Friday morning last, in the ab-
sence of his wife, he cut the heads off his two
daughters. One of them was 9 months, and the
other 4 years old. He afterwards cut his own
throat.___Freeman's Journal.

John Campbell, Printer, Edinburgh.

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Probable date published: 1829   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(193)
Broadside entitled 'Dreadful Duel!'
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