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Broadside entitled 'Shameful Case of Incest'


Shameful Case of Incest.

A Full, True, and Particular Account of that most extraordinary
shameful and disgraceful case of Incest between the Minister of
the parish of Logie, in Ross-shire, and his own, sister, She was
seized with the pains of child-birth, while playing at her piano,
on the 5th of November last, - her brother being at the time as-
sisting at the dispensation of the Sacrament in a neighbouring
parish. Together with an account of his confession of the un-
natural crime, and his resignation of his holy office.

The parish church of Logie, in the county of Ross, has again
become vacant, and under circcumstances of the most painful and
awful description.    As the case will soon come publicly before the
Presbytery, and as a hundred idle reports (some of them implicat-
ing innocent persons in a neighbouring county) are afloat on the
subject, we shall briefly recapitulate the facts,    On the 5th of No-
vember last, Miss K., sister of the minister of the parish, who re-
sided in the manse and superintended the domestic establishment,-
was suddenly taken ill while playing on the piano-forte. Her bro-
ther was absent, assisting to dispense the Sacrament in another
place, but aid wss immediately procured.    The young lady's ill-
ness continued to increase, and at length (to the grief and astonish-
ment of those present, who never once suspected her condition) she
was delivered of a child.    She had made no preparation for the e-
vent, and she refused to give any information as to the paternity
of the infant,    About ten days passed over, when the minister dis-
appeared, leaving his church and flock.    No person knew whither
he had gone, but in a short time the Moderator of the Presbytery
received a letter from him written from Aberdeen, acknowledging
an incestuous connection, and resigning his living.      The effect of
such intelligence on the virtuous and religious inhabitants of that
district, we shall not attempt to describe.    The unfortunate female
who had participated in the unnatural guilt of her brotner, was pur-
sued to the west coast, whither she had fled, was apprehended, and
brought last week to Dingwall.    From the latter place she was con-
veyed in a chaise, accompanied by an officer and a female attend-
ant to Tain ; but while the man left the vehicle for a few moments
to wait upon the sheriff with an account of her apprehension, or to
receive fresh instructions, the offender and her attendant alighted
from the chaise and escaped.    We know not whether they have
been closely pursued, but we sincerely trust that they will elude
detection, and thus prevent a trial which would be fraught with so
much sorrow, shame, and disgrace.-Inverness Courier, Dec. 1336.

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Date of publication: 1836   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(181)
Broadside entitled 'Shameful Case of Incest'
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