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Broadside entitled 'Resurrection'



Full, True, and Particular Account of the seizure
of the Body of an Old Woman, on Saturday
Night, the 8th instant, at the head of Infirmary
Street, on its Way to Surgeon's Square ; with an
acconnt of that Horrid and Awful event which
took place at Falkirk, where a Woman was
carried off by three men, and supposed to be

With horror we record another instance of Re-
surrectionists stealing Dead Bodies. This is a
crime for which we have the most awful detesta-
tion, and we cannot too strongly deprecate the
characters of those who live by the abominable
traffic of Dead Bodies.

Such high prices are given by Surgeons for Hu-
man Bodies, that the monsters who supply them
will run any risk in procuring them. What pain-
ful feelings must the relatives of the deceased have
when the intelligence reaches them that the body
of their nearest and dearest friend has been taken
from the grave, (and which put them, to a great
deal of expense,) to be cut and mangled by Sur-
geons, and ultimately consumed to ashes.

What induced that Monster, Burke, to Mur-
der so many human beings? Nothing but the
price offered to him by the Surgeons. And what
can induce those infernal fiends to pillage church-
yards ? Nothing but the price paid them by the
Lecturers on Anatomy ! Are the Public always
to be tampered with in this manner ? if they are,
Shame to Scotland.-The idea of this is truly hor-

Let some punishment be inflicted equal to the
crime, and the recurrence of it will be less fre-

On Saturday night, about half-past Seven, two
men in a Gig, were eyed by some persons coming
along Nicolson Street.    When they observed the
people watching them so narrowly, they drove on
as quick as possible till they reached Infirmary
Street, when the crowd became so great that they
were forced to leap from the Gig, and made off.
The body of a Woman, about 50 years of age,
was found in the Gig, and taken to the Police
Office, where it now lyes.    The Horse and Gig
were sent to the White Hart Inn, Grassmarket.
One of the despicable wretches is supposed to be
Gow, a noted resurrectionist.    The Police are in
search of them.


On Sunday a man applied at the Police Office
here for a Warrant to search the Lecture Rooms
for the Body of his Wife, who had not been seen
since Monday last. He belongs to Falkirk, and
it is believed the poor woman has been Burked !

John Campbell, Printer, Edinburgh.

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Probable period of publication: 1830-1839   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(123)
Broadside entitled 'Resurrection'
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