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Broadside entitled 'Fatal Duel!'


    Fatal Duel!

An Account of that Fatal Duel that took
place, between GEORGE MORGAN, Esq.
Banker, and DAVID LANDALE, Esq. Tan-
ner, both of Kirkcaldy, in Cardon Den,
on the estate of Raith; above Kirk-
caldy, on the 23d August, 1826, when
George Morgan, Esq. was unfortunate-
ly Shot through the Heart on the first
fire, and instantly expired.

THE following account of this melancholy
circumstance, we copy from the Fife Herald
of Thursday last, which has just come to our pos-
session. We have heard that the cause of the fatal
meeting originated in some cash, or rather bill-
discounting transactions : but whatever may have
been the cause, the result is melancholy indeed,....
dreadful even to think of it. We have also heard
it reported, as a curious coincidence, that the unfor-
tunate gentleman, Mr Morgan, received his death-
wound from the very same pistol that killed his
father, who, it is said, met with his death in a. si-
milar manner, namely, in a duel with the father of
Mr Landale.

" KIRKALDY.?It is with no ordinary feelings
of regret that we have this day to record the fatal
issue of one of those unfortunate manoeuvres
which the world calls an affair of honour.

It seems that an Unpleasant correspondence had
taken place between GEORGE MORGAN, Esq.
banker here, and DAVID LANDALE, Esq. tanner,
arising out of some mercantile or banking tran-
saction, which led, as we are informed, to a chal-
lenge being given by the latter gentleman on Tues-
day last. The parties met yesterday morning at
six o'clock, in Cardon Den, on the estate of Raith,
accompanied by their seconds, and two medical
gentlemen. Having taken their ground at the
usual distance, we are sorry to say that Mr Morgan
fell, at the first fire ; his antagonist's ball having
penetrated his breast, he instantly expired. His
body was brought to his own house about seven
o'clock ; and precognitions were taken during the
day. We hear that Mr Landale and his second
have left Kirkaldy."...Fife Herald of Thursday.

FIRE.?On Sunday morning, between one and
two o'clock, a fire broke out in the ground flat of a
tenement, near the west end of Home Street, Toll-
Cross, possessed by a confectioner. The fire raged
for some time with much fury, but on the arrival
of the engines and firemen under Mr Braidwood,
the Superintendent, it was got under, not, however,
before it had destroyed the flat in which it began,
and materially damaged the flat above. An unfor-
tunate accident happened to a poor woman, Mrs
Easton, who resided in the lower part of the house.
In endeavouring to save some part of her furniture,
she remained in a room until the smoke became so
dense as to prevent respiration, and when she was
discovered by one of the firemen, life was extinct.

Printed for John Gullagher, Price One Penny.

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Date of publication: 1826   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(099b)
Broadside entitled 'Fatal Duel!'
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