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Broadside entitled 'Dreadful Warning! To All Lovers'




To all Lovers.

An Affecting Account of a young woman, a servant
girl in Kirkcaldy, who put an end to her life, for
the sake of a young man there, who had cruelly
deceived her with a solemn promise of Marriage ;
together with a Copy of an interesting LETTER
she wrote to him a few minutes before she did the

THIS affecting occurrence took place on Monday the 8th cur-
rent, in the town of Kirkcaldy ; the man was an English-
man, who said china through the country ; the girl's name, from
motives of delicacy, we forbear mentioning, but who was a servant
there; she hung herself with a napkin, which she tied to an iron
screw in the roof; she was taken down quite dead, and a transcript
of the following letter was found in her possession, which may be
depended upon as genuine:?            

false Lover-?" Before this shall have reached you, I shall have
performed a deed which will create a sting in your conscience
that cannot be effaced till death Your falsehood drove me to it,
and I grieve for nothing but my parents, who will be at the point
of distraction on my account, and for my untimely end. You
gave me promises which you had no intentoin of ever realizing;
presents to decieve me; and hopes were held out to me, which you
intended only to blast as soon as you got possession of my virtue.
All these promiies you held out to me in our solitary walks, and
even in the midst of friends; but I leave your false heart to reap
the fruits of your inconstant vows ; there is an awful day of reck-
oning fast approaching, when you and I will be called upon to give
an account of our conduct in this respect; I can stand firm in ans-
wering for all the promises I made to you, but you may tremble
for the consequences. I wish you only punishment here

All I hope for is, that your affections may be as
firmly fibed upon some object, as mine were upon you, and that
you may be disappointed, and that you may feel the full weight
of the wound which you inflicted upon me, though the difference
of sex may not make you blush so much, yet it perhaps will make
you feel. I mean, your honour will not be tarnished by being
deceived by a woman ; but a woman is liable to all that scorn and
derision which the world too often casts upon those who are delud-
ed by the false promises of men like you. I need not say any
thing more, buT [ ] you to ponder well your bypast life, and

make amends for the future. Think of we when me when lying in the
mansions of the dead, and on that morning when you and I must
render our account. No more, but a last farewell from your
rejected                                                         " M. N-------."

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Probable period of publication: 1820-1830   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(32)
Broadside entitled 'Dreadful Warning! To All Lovers'
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