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Broadside entitled 'Sentence'



An account of the Trial and Sentence
of Charles Maclaren, Thos, Grierson,
and James M'Ewan,3 boys, the oldest
only 15 years of age, and all belonging
to Edinburgh, for house-breaking and
robbery, in Gray Street and George's
Square, and who are to be Executed in
Edinburgh, on the l2th of Feb, next.

Charles Maclarn, Thomas Grierson, and James M'Ewan were
this day Saturday 11 th Jan. tried for having on Sunday night the
8th of Sept. entered the house of Thomos Riddell, Esq. W. S. in
Grey Street, Newington, and stole 18 silver forks, 31 silver table
spoous 16 desert ditto, a soup laddle, 18 tea spoons, a sugar bason,
a number of plated candlesticks. a gold snuff box, a pair of pistole,
besides a variety of other Articles...,Further, with entering, on the
11th of same month, the house of Lieut-Colonel Monro, of the
Honourable East India Company's service, situated in George's
Square, and etealing a silver tea-pot, sugar tongs, &c. besides se-
veral picees of French Lace, three Silk Gowns, and a silk Searf.
The pannels were indicated as habit and repuce thieves, M'Lerets
having been eight, Grierson sis times, and M'Ewan twice, in Bride-
well; the pannels pled not guilty.

The declarations were then read to the Jury.

Maclaren's admitted that he had gone along with the others on
the Sunday previous to breaking into Mr Riddel's house, and as-
certained the practicability of its being entered. The robbery at
Colonel Monro's house was also acknowledged.

Thomas Riddel Esq. W. S. resided in Gray Street, Newington
went to the country in July last, leaving his house under the charge
of an old servant, who had liberty from him to go and see her
friends for a few days while the family was absent, provided she
secured the property. There was a considerable quantity of plate
in the house, which witness had put into a box which was locked.
Received information on the llth September that his house had
been broke into, he in consequence came to town next day, and
found his house in great confusion. His servant and 2 Police
officers were in it. All the lockfast places had been forced open,
and the floor was covered with linen, &c. The whole plate, with
the exception of 2 teapots, and some trifling articles which were
found in a cellar afterwards, was carried away ; also a gold watch,
and snuff box. The value of the articles stolen, no part of which
has been recovered, might amount to between L.120 and L.130.

Catherine Paton, servant of Mr Riddel, deponed as to having shut up
the house on the 4th September, and having secured it properly, leaving
the key with Mr Whigham. When she returned on the 10th of that
month, she found the doors all fast, but observed the dining room windows
all marked, as if by hands the catches unscrewed, and the shutters off a
pane of glass appeared newly put in, the potty being soft, and it fell cut
on being touched. The witness then spoke as to finding the locks btoke.
The pistol bags being found on the floor empty?that the chest of a
fellow servant had also been opened, and a silk shawl taken away identi-
fed one now shown her, as being the one which had formerly been in
that chest.         

One of the witneses, John Mackenzie, a publican in the Canongate, was ordered
to be imprisoned three weeks, for gross prevarication.

M'Ewan was recommended te mercy on account of his youth,

The Jury unanimouspy found the pannals guilty, and the Lord justice
Clerk after concluding a most pathetic address passed sentence of death
ordaining the pannals to be executed on Wednesday the 12th of February


Glass, printer, south Niddry Street.

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Date of publication: 1823   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(30)
Broadside entitled 'Sentence'
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