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Broadside entitled 'Strange Circumstance which Took Place in the Tolbooth Ch[urch]'




Jast Published, an Account of that Extraordinary &
Singular Circumstsnce Which took place at the Tuesday
morning Lecture, in the Tolbooth Church, High Street,
Edinburgh ; when neither Minister or Prcentor having
come forward, an old Woman mounted the Pulpit, ad-
dressed the Audience- sung Psalms-offered up Prayers,
and dismissed   the Congregation, to the astonishmen-
ed satisfaction of her Hearers

The Church IN DANGER. -The following singular circumstance
which we have on unquestionable authority, occurred in the Tol-
booth Ohurch, in   this city.    It has long been a Custom to have a
Sermon preached every Tuesday forenoon in this Church, which the
City Ministers preach in rotation.    On the day referred to, a congre-
gation of 21 persons assembled in the Church, which is seated for
1300, and although   they therefore could not complain for want of
Church accommodation, there was a great want of pastoral superin-
tendance.    After waiting considerable beyond the usual time, from
some accidental want of arrangement, neither minister nor precentor
appeared.    In this emergency, an old woman who has been    regular
in this Church   on Tuesdays for many years, resolved to supply the
want of pastoral superintendance   to the best of her ability on the
Voluntary principal.    Accordingly she gave out a Psalm in the usual
way, and commenced singing, in   which she was joined by the rest.
of the congregation.    She then offered up a prayer of considerable
length, sung another psalm, and dismissed the congreation in the
usual manner.      The whole   proceedings were conducted   with the
greatest decorum, and we have no doubt made a lasting impression
on all who witnessed the extraordinary scene.       When   old women
can   so easily he   found to officiate with propriety in the absence
of the City Ministers, we think even Dr Chalmers will
admit that there is still some hope that the mast of
heathenism which he says abounds to such a fearful
extent in this City, may yet be excavated, without the
errection of additional Churches. It may be admitted,
that this astounding innovation is one of the signs of
the times, strongly indication that the CHURCH Is IN
DANGER.                                  'SCOTSMAN'

A few   Sundays ago, a Reverend Divine going to do
duty for a neighbouring incumbent, at a viliage not
many miles from the metropolis, was followed by a faith-
ful dog. on discovering which to avoid what happened,
he had his faithful follower, as he thought, safely secur-
ed by the side of his horse in the stable. In the course
of the service, however, Rover contrived to make his
escape, and made his way into the Church to attend
his master, who had just ascended the pulpit. placing
his paws and head upon the cushion in token of his
satisfaction, to the no small dismay of the of the
preacher, and amusement of the tittering congregation.


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Probable period of publication: 1820-1830   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(087)
Broadside entitled 'Strange Circumstance which Took Place in the Tolbooth Ch[urch]'
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