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Broadside entitled 'Account of the Trial and Sentence of John Miller and William Storrier . . . Also of William Robertson'


A Full and Particular Account of the Trial and Sentence of JOHN
MILLER and WILLIAM STORRIER, accused of an Assault and
Rape on a Girl, 14 years of age, who are to be publicly Whipped
through the Town of Dundee on the 4th of October next, and there-
after Banished beyond Seas for 14 years; as also, of WILLIAM
ROBERTSON, for committing a Similar Crime, and who is to be
Executed at Cupar in Fife, on Thursday the 31st of October next.

AT Perth, on Friday the 13th Septem-
ber, 1822, JOHN MILLER and WILL-
STORIER, accused of the crime of an as-
sault, with intent to a commit rape on
a girl about 14 years of age, in the neigh-
bourhood of Glammis, on the 5th of May
last, were placed at the bar. The Court
was then ordered to be cleared?but we
understand that they pleaded Not Guilty.

A considerable number of witnesses
were examined for the prosecution, as were
likewise a number in exculpation on be-
half of the pannels.

Mr Hope addressed the Court for the
prosecution, and Mr Thomson for Miller
and Storrier, after which the evidence was
summed up by one of their Lordships?
        and the Jury, after having been enclosed
for nearly an hour, returned a verdict, by
a plurality of voices finding the pannels
guilty of the assault, with an intent to com-
mit rape.                                 

On Saturday the 14th, he Court met at
nine o'clock, Miller and Storrier were then
put to the ban Mr Hope moved the judg-
ment of the Court; and Mr Thomson ad-
dressed the Court at considerable length,
in mitigation of punishment.

Lord Hermand, in a speech of great
energy, pointed ous-the aggravated nature
of the crime of which the panels had been
convicted, and proposed that they should,
in addition to the punishment of trans-
portation, be whipped through the town
of Dundee.                                             

Lord Succoth, in the course of his ob-
servations on the crime of which the pan-
els had been convicted, remarked, that it
was clear that they had been both as-
sisting in the perpetration of this most a-
trocious crime ; that it was indeed a very
rare occurrence for two men to be concern-
ed in such an offence, the one holding the
feet of their victim, while the other was
attempting to commit the brutal act.
There had been cases in which greater
marks of violence were exhibited, but that
would not, in any way, militate in their
favour. It was not necessary for the pan-
nels to knock down the girl, because, from
her tender years, she was unable to resist
the strength of two men. It was also
proved, that they had gone deliberately a-
bout their criminal purpose, by dragging
the girl into a wood; this shows, that
they were determined to effect their ob-
ject?the girl crying out and making all
the resistance she could. It appeared in

evidence, that the girl, who was only 14
years of age, continued in a state of fever
for some days after. Under all the cir-
cumstances of the case, therefore, he a-
greed with the suggestions of Lord Her-
mand, as to the expediency of the panels
being publicly whipped, in addition to the
punishment of transportation. His Lord-
ship concluded, by addressing the panels
in a most impressive manner, as to what
ought to be the line of conduct pursued
by them after they should leave this coun-

The sentence of the Court was read,
ordaining Miller and Storrier to be public-   
ly whipped through the town of Dundee,
on the 4th day of October next, and there-
after, to be banished beyond seas for 14


William Robertson, accused of a simi-
lar act, was then put to the bar, and the
Court cleared, as had been done in the for-
mer trial, during the examination of the
evidence, &c.; and the Court continued
shut from 11 to past 7 o'clock at night.
In the course of that time a great number
of witnesses, both for the prosecution and
in exculpation, were examined. The ge-
neral outline of the evidence was under-
stood to be, that the female, who lived near
Cupar Fife, had been violently assaulted,
severely wounded, and actually ravished
by the pannel.

After some pleading by the counsel for
the Crown and the prisoner, and the case
being summed up by one of their Lord-
ships, the jury retired, and were enclosed
for about an hour, when they returned
with a verdict, finding, by a plurality of
voices, the pannel guilty of rape; but un-
animously and strongly recommended him
to mercy.

Mr Hope having moved the judgment
of the Court.                              

Lord Succoth addressed Robertson in a
short but most energetic speech, stating
that the Court had no alternative but to
pass the last sentence of the law.

Lord Hermand also made a few obser-
vations on the nature and enormity of the
offence, and concluded by sentencing Ro-
bertson to be hanged at Cupar Fife, on the
31st October next.

The prisoner heard the awful doom pro-
nounced with great composure and firmness.
He was a good-looking middle aged man.
and has, as we were informed, a family.   

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Date of publication: 1822   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(28)
Broadside entitled 'Account of the Trial and Sentence of John Miller and William Storrier . . . Also of William Robertson'
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