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Broadside entitled 'Life in Edinburgh!'


Life in Edinburgh!

Milling Extraordinary!

Betwixt GeorgE WeiR, the Aberdeen Cham-
pion, and McDonald, the Royal Exchange, Edin-
burgh, Hero, on Friday llth Nov. 1825, at Night!

WE have had the pleasure of at last witnessing the above
fight, and such a set-to was never before seen here ; nor
do we recollect of having ever twigg'd such a brace of rum coves
before. The Broad-brimmer of the Aberdeenonian, when daffed,
presented his finely formed nose, and it was quite easy to perceive
how inveterately he clenched his Ivories within his Potatoe trap !
On the other hand, our Hero took care of No. 1, spoke little, such
as take care, Sir, Now, Sir, &c. It is probably well known to our
readers, that the above celebrated Pugilists intended, on a former
occasion, to Doff their Toggery in honour of their respective
Cities; but the Hero having shy'd, paid forfeit. It was at the
discussing of the forfeit that the present match was got up, and
which arose out of the following circumstance :-During the
quaffing of the Blue, Geordy thought proper to dub Mac a Coward !
and a B-----r! was this to be pocketed ?   surely not.    Sandy,
gave the challenge, it was accepted by Weir ! who articulated my
soul's in arms and eager for the fray ! and, instanter, peeled, but the
Gas Crib was no go. The Office was given to the different wet lods
present, and to Writer's Court was the cry. At ten minutes
past seven the men entered the Ring, attended by their respective
Seconds, (but we forbear at present mentioning names) it may
however be noticed, that the exertions of the Stakeholder was beyond
all praise, having been employed on the look out, making things
right, keeping the Beaks in Gammon, &c. he was just in time to
see this celebrated


Round first-The men entered the ring, as was said before, at ten
minutes past seven, and were handled by no mean Novices in the
Art, and immediately set to, shaking of hands not being con-
sidered at all necessary by the Gentlemen, on the present occasion.
Weir went up to his man, determined on mischief, and
nothing else, let fly right and left, and caught Sandy such a
smack over the right ogle, that made him kiss the sod as if defunct.
Loud shouts from the Stonehaven men, its all your own way Geordy,
and not yet, from Mac's Cowgate supporters.-Betting six gills to
three on Weir.

Round Second....Mac came to the scratch undismayed, and
cries of tip him one of your squeekers, Sandy, it's a fine day,
Mac, and such like blarney, were now repeatedly vociferated !
Mac himself, with his usual coolness, roaring 'go on, Sir! Now,
Sir,' instantly felt with his right mauly for Geordy's left sky-light,
and in a twinkling the Aberdeen Youth was totally invisible !
he having gone through one of Dr Milner's cellar doors. It was
thought by some of the blades he had gone for a pill or a plaister;
but his friends were not down! Roars of laughter, and cries of
Go it, Sandy, you have done his goose for him, &c.....Betting

Third, and Last, Round....Weir, still game, showed fight,
and would not be denied, went in, to finish off hand ; but Mac
instantly tapt Geordy's claret. At this moment a row began....
the Beaks were on the alert....Mac made himself scarce...and
poor Stonehive was dragged to RobertsoN's Lodgings, Old Fish-
market Close, opposite the Cross !!!

Though this Match terminated so unsatisfactorily, the Fancy
confidently expect another very soon.                      X, Y, Z.

Edinburgh:-Printed for James McLean,-Price One Penny.

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Date of publication: 1825   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.74(077)
Broadside entitled 'Life in Edinburgh!'
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