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Broadside entitled 'Outrage by Irish Shearers'




Copy of a letter received this morning
from an inhabitant of Lauder; con-
taining a particular account of that
dreadful Riot which took place there
on Monday morning last, between
a number of Irish shearers and the

Lauder, Sept. 26th 1821.

Sir,-In answer to your enquires respecting the riot, I have
collected the following accounts for your satisfaction. A man
and his family, all Irish, of the name of Dougherty, a resident in
Glasgow, consisting of his wife, three sons, and two daughters,
a wild and unruly sett of people, and I suppose a kind of travel-
ling Gypsies, as they profess to be boiler-makers, or, as we call
them, tinklers, came here last week on purpose to be hired on
Monday morning for the Harvest. During the last week num-
bers of shearers, mostly our own town's folks were engaged by the
neighbouring farmers ; this enraged the Hibernian, and he was
heard to swear vengeance in a public house on Saturday night.
It is currently reported here, but I cannot vouchsafe for it being
truth, that his daughter would never leave Lauder until she set it
on fire. Early on Monday morning, this motely groupe com-
menced the disturbance; they had been drinking all night, and
were actually in a state of madness, Being hiring morning, and
by far the greater number of the shearers Irish, the Doughertys
were joined by their countrymen, and a disgraceful scene of attack
and plunder was made upon the town. The inhabitants was
forced to collect to defend their lives and property. Some of the
Pats, having a longing after kirn'd milk and butter' had entered
the house of a old woman, and laid seige to the kirn, upon which
she left them in quiet possession, but when she got safe into the
street, set up a dismal yell; this served to make the Inhabitants
look round them, more especially as the rioters were seen entering
the shops, and others making their escape with the gudewifes,
cheeses. A bloody battle commenced at this time, each party
armed with pitch-forks, hooks, &c. several severe wounds were
received on both sides, and one of the Dougherty's received seven
lead bullets in his body from a rusty old gun, which some of the
farm servants procured, but he was forced to desist by the constables
in case of killing any of them, as they only wanted to apprehend
the ringleaders. We succeeded in driving them from the town
and took 16 into custody. It was thought prudent, in case of
another attack, to send for a guard of military, and a small detach-
ment arrived next morning. The sheriff of the county arrived
and assisted by the magistrates, a precognition of the affair is

going on.

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Date of publication: 1821   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.2(19)
Broadside entitled 'Outrage by Irish Shearers'
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