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Broadside ballad entitled 'A Merry Dialogue, in the Tolbuith of Edinburgh; Betwixt Tonny Ashton, and John Curry'



Merry Dialogue, in the Tolbuith of
Edinburgh ; Betwixt Tonny Ashton.
And John Curry .


COME, my couragious Jack, my metl'd Scot
Why may'nt we kindle Kindness with a Pot,
Yow've run the Ghent-loup, and yow've try'd theTron,
Your Suffrings are expir'd, when mine comes on:            
Adamn'd fowr looking Dog, is your Jack Catch,
And proudly Whips, with fury aud Dispatch ;
The Cobler wirh his Auld,   your Ear did bore;
But with ,his Lingle, did not mend the sore
And when he fix'd yow firm, how did he Jeer ?
Curry can bind a Book, and I can bind an Ear.
He ev'ry Day, puts Ears unto a Shoe,
And yet refuses, a New one to yow;
Yet surely Jack, he was more fierce, than wise,
S ampiug Calf-leather's part of the Excise,
A supervisor, should have marked yow,
And Claimd the duety, which the Law makes due;
Your Leather's enterd, prithee drive a Trade,
For stock on hand, is finely tann'd and Taed.


Bully, your words slow down, like Haisty showrs,
My Leather's entered ; but who enter'd yowrs
Yow are a Leather Merchant very fine,
Your Crimes more crying ; Blacker far than mine:
Many a Play I've bound, but may I rot,
If yours, hath not the most damnation Plot:
There is a Play, call'd Marriage a la mode               
But yow have basely, thro' that dramma trode
How will yow Look, Pock-pudding, tell your mind,
For to be hiss'd, by all the Womenkind ;
Bully, a Rape is death, and all men hope
The Rape will bring yow, to Dalgleishes Rope.
Or if yow save your Bacon, I must tell,
That sly Rob Forbes,                           
Are Actors for the Church; and they, Play fine,
Yow'l find, their scourging, sharper is than mine.   
An ounce or two of Pomit, cures the Back;
But they can make yow, on the Creepie crack,
The whigs will smile, to see you in that Lurch:
Playhouse pull'd down and Tonny in the Church.
'Twill be a Joyfull sight, to see yow there ;
The D---is Factor, in the House of Prayer,
Tonny, a mighty diffrence will Appear,
'Twixt a Scots Preacher; and the Spainish Frier   
He'll spread your stinking Concience. cursed Life,
And make yow odious, to your self, and Wife,
Till they who pelted Eggs upon my bones,
Give yow a Handsom Compliment of Stones.

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Date of publication: 1728   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.76(104)
Broadside ballad entitled 'A Merry Dialogue, in the Tolbuith of Edinburgh; Betwixt Tonny Ashton, and John Curry'
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