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Broadside entitled 'Elegie'




On the never enough Lamented Death, of the Right
One of the Senators of the Colledge of Justice ; who
departed this Life upon the 26th March 1714.

O! Thou my Muse, that's now Bedew'd with Tears,
Sob thou Dire Sighs , Pierce Adamantine Ears:
For Darlings of the Muses now do Mourn ;
Their Sable Weeds with Tears, they all Adorn.
Why? Pale Fac'd Death, on his Wing'd Steed did fly
From the Utter Gate of Eternity ?
And hath our Senate-House Bereav'd , of One,
Who, for his Virtue, might have fill'd a Throne :
Judicious, Great and Pious Lord BOWHILL:
His empty Seat, upon the Bench to   fill
Scarce any of our Wits he's left behind,
With such Judicious, and a Pious Mind.
O! Senators, who Sable-Weeds put on ,
BOWHILL has scal'd the Heavens to a Throne;
And Trumpets forth the Mediator's Praise ;
Where Angels flee about, delight to Gaze.
Who did pronounce Pointed Decreets' mongst you,
With open Face the Deity doth View.
Justice doth cry, while Equity doth Moan,
Of all my Sons B0WHILL's my only One;
Who thro' the Fogs, and Mists rais'd at the Law,
The equal Cause, in Justice always saw;
And Angel-like, who wisely cou'd Repell
Quirks of the Law, foam'd up in Bacchus-Cell.
The Sons of Levi cause   their Pulpits Groan,
While for the Loss of Thee BOWHILL, they Moan:
( No wonder; for, he, amongst Great and small,
Jure Divine Presbytry did call, )
The Acts of Parliament, beyond the Pole
Did fill His Heart, and his Sublimer Soul :
And so, he always lov'd to punish Crimes,
In these profane Degenerating Times.
He caus'd Hell's Brats find Stroak of Justice Hand,
When they Impannell'd, for their Crimes did stand.
The Poor, whom he supported now do Mourn,            
While Friends prepare his Body for it's Urn.

J oys on Nimble Wings, have taken Flight;
O now Cimmerian Darkness Vails our Night.
H ow can Heroick Virtue Joys have ?
N one like him now! tho' he must down to Grave.
M ay Heavens fill his empty Seat Below ,
U ntil Rome's Cursed Strength no Pow'r can show.
R ight Reason in his Civil Orb did move:
R eligion Waft him to a Seat Above.
A nd all, who Live within our Hemisphere,
Y e may Bedew your Eyes, and drop a Tear.

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Probable date published: 1714   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.76(088)
Broadside entitled 'Elegie'
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