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Broadside ballad entitled ' The Weasel Uncas'd, or the In and Outside of a Priest Drawn to the Life'


The W E A S E L Uncas'd, or the In and Outside of
       a P R I E S T drawn to the Life.

A Protestant Priest, a Man of great Fame,
To be Rich and Great was his only Aim,
It was Dr. Weasel, the very same,
       Which no body can deny.

This Weasel at first to get him some Grub,
A little small Girl, and a little good Bub,
Diogenes like, he Preached in a Tub,
Which, &c.

Yet in those Days he was very Fickle,
And though he was Head of a great Conventicle,
Yet he had a Months mind to be higher a little,
Which, &c.

And finding Ambition to grow with his Pride,
And if he'd be great he must change his Side,
He left all his Flock, and his first Faith deny'd,
Which, &c.

By which they perceiv'd his Heart was grown Evil,
They put forth a Book, which he thought uncivil,
The Title was, Weasel's Dispute with the Devil,

In which Learned Piece they there did discover,
That, like unto Judas, he was a false Brother,
And of a full Bag he is a great Lover,
Which, &c.

To which bloody Charge he answer'd in Season,
And why he left them, told 'em his Reason,
And prov'd all their Tenets border'd on Treason,
Which, &c.

And then, like a Hero, he did lay about.
And swore he Would Preach all their Tub-bottoms out;
And prove them to be a Phanatical Rout,
Which, &c.

And truly he was as good as his Word,
And writ a fine Book, though by them abhorr'd,
The Case of Resistance, which stands on Record,
Which, &c.

In that Loyal Piece, against the Precise,
He prov'd by all the Grave, Learned and Wise,
Obedience is better than all Sacrifice,
Which, &c.

And then he proceeded by Scripture and Reason,
To prove Non-Resistance always in Season,
And its opposite Doctrine no less than Treason,
Which, &c.

And having observ'd the Laws o'th' Nation,
With those of the Gospel, had a Relation,
Said, those that Resist would receive just Damnation,
Which, &c.

To strengthen this Point he quoted St. Paul,
St. Peter, St.Jude, our Saviour and all,            [fall,
Proving none cou'd be Sav'd who from that Faith did
Which, &c.

But what will you say of this Weasel stout,
If after all this he shou'd face about,
And in print tell the World in truth he was out,
Which, &C.

Yet Reason and Conscience a War did begin,
And struggled with Pride and Ambition within,
To take the new Oaths he long thought a Sin,
Which, &C.

His Spouse, like Job's Wife, to ease his Heart-aching,
Did press him to swear that he was mistaken,
Though some think it was for to save his Bacon,

At first he did doubt, and therefore did pray,
That Heaven wou'd instruct him in the Right way,
Whether Jimmy or William he ought to obey,
Which, &c.

The Pass at the Boyne determin'd that Case,
And Precept to Providence then did give place,
To change his Opinion he thought no disgrace,
Which, &c.

For though he had done the same Thing before,
Yet now for his Comfort he need Change no more,
For his Case of Allegiance will serve for a score,
Which, &c.

For there he has plainly made it appear,
That Strength gives a Right, therefore we may swear
To him in Possession, though not the Right Heir,
Which, &c.

And shou'd a Fray happen 'twixt Father and Son,
If the Boy beat his Father, and so make him Run,
Providence had appointed that Thing to be done,
Which, &c.

Besides, he has prov'd the mighty Conveniance
Of Subjects transferring their Faith and Allegiance,
To those that can crush 'em all into Obedience,
Whicb, &c.

So let 0. P. or P. 0. be King,
Or any one else, it is the same Thing,
For only Heaven does that Blessing bring,
Which, &c.

But this with the Scripture can never agree,
As Hosea the Eighth, and the Fourth you may see.
They have set up Kings, but yet not by me,            
Which, &.c.

Now what need the Prophet there to complain,
If the Peoples Anointed, and God's were the same?
If so, David's Friends they all were to blame,
Which, &c.

For though God permitted the People to bring
Good David's Son forth, and proclaim him King,
Yet all the World knows how he punish'd the Thing,
Which, &c.

And may all such Sons enjoy the same Fate,
That dethrone their Father, and him Abdicate,
No doubt it will happen in time, soon or late,         
Which, &c.

With one Remarck more I'le end this dull Song,
And his fulsom Republican Arguments strong,
Which makes Wrong to be Right,and Right to be wrong,
Which, &c.         

That Famous old Priest, the Vicar of Bray,
Who in all Change of Times knew how to obey,
Was an Ass to the Weasel, if I may so say,
Which, &c.

And truly I think no more need be said,
By a Penny we know how a Shilling's made,
For Priest and Priest-craft is all but a Trade,
Which, &c,

And thus I in little have drawn to the Life,
His Flesh and his Spirit alway at Strife,      
But the Flesh did prevail by the help of his wife
Which no body can deny, deny
which no body can d

F   I   N   I   S.   

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Probable period of publication: 1690-1700   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.76(026)
Broadside ballad entitled ' The Weasel Uncas'd, or the In and Outside of a Priest Drawn to the Life'
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