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Broadside entitled 'Elegy'





Who was Executed at Edinburgh, Jan. 28, 1829.

Now Willie Burke he's een awa',
And ta'en his last adieu,
Nae mair he'll choke or stap the breath            
O' poor fo'k when their fu',
On subject gear nae mair he'll drink,               
Nae mair he'll laugh or sport,
And throw the whisky on the roof,
Or feight in the Wast Port.
Nae mair he'll creep below the bed,
And sham his magic vapours,   
For he's awa to his lang hame,
Here ended a' his capers.
Nae mair decoy, or will annoy,
Poor silly fo'ks when drinking ;                     
At Surgeons Square nae mair he'll tread
Where sillar was ready clinking.
For Campbell's death detected him,
And catch'd him in the snare,
For subjects now nae mair he'll sell
Alang wi' Willie Hare.
Nae mother's life, or idiot boy,
By suffocating skill,
A Paterson will nae mair choke,
Or shot will e'er he kill.
On the infant child his savage eye,
Determin'd hand was bent,
Altho' it smil'd up in his faee,
His heart did not relent.
But worse than a' Barbarian,
Tho' it prattled on his knee,
No age nor sex, spare none, he said,
A subject it should be.
At a close they ca' St Cuthbert's,
The head of the Wast Port,
A girl he seized to be his prey,
But miss'd his vile effort.
He poor Daft Jamie didna miss,
But did him so betray,
Regardless of his lunacy
He took his life away.
His doom is seal'd forever now,
Nae mair in Scotia's isle.
Nae cursed plans will mair contrive,
Poor wretches to beguile.
His body's here?his soul's awa',                     
To where we canna tell,
At ony rate, to Doctor K***,                           
He'll nae mair subjects sell.


Now Burke's away, his life's extinct,
And past a' men's protection,
He's made a subject now himsel',
His body's for dissection.
Poor Willie, if his soul be weel,
It's mair than what's expecit,
For by his deeds, (if we may judge),
By him it was neglecit,
But some fo'k thinks it has nae chance,
In Heaven for to dwell,
If that's the case, there's ae thing sure,
It is consign'd to H-ll!


The judicial inquiries respecting the murders in Edin-
burgh have been renewed with increased vigour. This, it
is said, is the result of instructions from Mr. Peel to the
local authorities. The justice of the country would have
been wofully disgraced by any attempt to stifle inquiry
into these horrid proceedings, whomsover it may affect.-
Sheffield Iris-



No trial in the memory of any man now living, has excited so
deep, universal, and appalling an interest as that of William Burke
and his female associate. Public anticipation was greatly excited
previous to the trial ; but we believe the atrocities disclosed in
court, have more than realized the most romantic speculations. A
more frightful instance of human turpitude never perhaps was de-
tected among a Christian people.

The intense interest which has been so universally created in
the public mind, has induced the publisher to endeavour to afford
all the gratification that a comlete and authentic accoont of the
horrible crimes can afford.    From the information (hitherto un-
puliced) which has been already received, as well as that which
has been promised, he is enabled to announce that pulication
will contain full and authentic particulars of all the circumstances
connected with these most atrocious murders, from the discovery
till the final termination of the proceedings; and from the eminent
literary qualifications of the gentleman who superintends the pub-
lication, possessing the very best means of obtaining intelligence,
as well as the valuable assistance derived from other sources, he
confidently anticipates that this account will be found as accurate
and complete as any that can be furnished.

It will be published in numbers in rapid succession, embellished
with portraits drawn from Life, and other highly interesting en-
gravings of Plans, &c., and will include every circumstance that
may afterwards transpire, with an account of the Execution, &c.

No. 1, contains an Engraving of Burke's House.

? 3, will contain a correct Portrait of Burke, taken during the
trial by an eminent artist.

? 5, will contain a Portrait of Hare.                     

In the course of publication, the following engravings will be
given?Portrait of Burke's wife?Portrait of Hare's wife, both
taken during the trial?The Plan of Burke's House produced in
the trial, and several other Plates.

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Probable date published: 1829   shelfmark: Ry.III.a.6(031)
Broadside entitled 'Elegy'
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