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Broadsides concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Dumfries and Glasgow


An account of the Trials and Sentences in the
Dumfries and Glasgow Circuits, when Four
persons werr sentenced to be Executed on the
first of June 1825. Also, the Enecution of
Mark Whitting and James Caines, whose
grandfather was banished, his father hanged
and himself the 4th son that has been hang-
ed; his   only surviving brother   was   appre-
hended lately for highway robbery.


The Circnit Court of Justiciary, opened at Glasgow on Tues-
day, 26th April 1825, when the principal trial was that of
Kean, for wounding Graham, the cotton spinner, by a pistol-
shot...Sentenced to be whipped in front of the Glasgow jail
on the llth May, and thereafter banished tor life. There
were three more trials on Tuesday, of minor importance.
On Wednesday, 27th, there were six trials. On Thursday,
28th, rhere were ten trials, and 14 persons indicted. On
Friday, 29th, there were four trials.?One of these, James
Stevenson was fouud guilty of a highway robbery, and sen-
tenced to be Executed at Glasgow on the 1st of June next.
Another indictment hung over his head for breaking into a
jeweller's shop, and his behaviour; both during his trial and
passing the sentence, showed that he was fully convinced
that he would suffer for either one or other of these crimes.
He is about 20 or 22 years of age. An accomplice in the
crime of which he was found guilty was outlawed. Ou Sat-
urday, 30th, there were eleven trials, and sixteen persons
indicted On Monday, 2d May, there were four trials.
On Tuesday, 3d, a man and a woman convicted of house-
breaking and theft, were sentenced, the former to 14, and
the latter to 7 years' transportation;


Dumfries, April 23, 1824.

The Circuit Court of Justiciary was opeued here by Lords
Hermanb and Meckenzie...Robert Dundas. younger, of
Arniston, Deputy-Advocate.

Richard .Lestar, William Davies, and James Lestar; (the
last outlawed for not appearing,) were charged with breaking
into the shop of Mr William Brown, merchant, Sanquhar,
and stealing therefrom a variety of gold and silver coins,
bank notes, and other articles, to the value of neatly L60.

The prisoners at firat pleaded guilty, but on the Deputy-
Advocate intimating that this was a case in which he conld
uot restrict the libel, they ofterwards tetracted their first plea,
and the trial proceeded.

William Brown, jun. is one of the tenants of the coal-pits
in the neighbourhood of Sauquhar, Remembers the Grieve
bringing him three lads to hire as colliers, it was about 7 at
night. He hired them, and gave Turnhull the Grieve 3s to
get lodgings for them. He took the money from a drawer
in the counter. Went to the shop at 11 o'clock for a candle,
at which time the premises were secura. Was wakened by
the maid in the morning at 7 o'clock, who told nim the front
door of the shop was ooen, and twc men standing at it. He
examined the premises in the presence, and fonnd that the
articles libelled were carried away. Three gold coins, a
guinea of the reign of Queen Anne, a thin gold coin of the
reign of Henry the Eigth, a gold piece of John the Fifth of
Portugal, a half-crown piece of William and Mary, with va-
rsous other coins, were shown him, all which he identified.
Witness on being asked to look at the prisoners, knew them
to be the lads he had htred,

The Jury found the panels Guilty, but in consequence of
their inevperience and youth, recommended them to mercy.
The prisoners were ordered to be Execnted on the 1st of June.

Monday week, 25th April, Mark Whitting and James
Caines were executed at Gloucester. The family of Caines
have long been notorious for their crimes. His grandfather
was transported, his father hanged, and Caines himself is the
fourth brother who has died by the hands of the executioner,
His fifth and only surviving brother was apprehended on
Thursday last, on a charge of highway robbery.

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Date published: 1825   shelfmark: F.3.a.14(33)
Broadsides concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Dumfries and Glasgow
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