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Broadside concerning an 'Affecting Letter'


A Genuine copy of a most affecting
letter sent by one of these young men,
lately executed, to a young woman
belonging to Edinburgh, with whom
he has carried on correspondence for
some years, with his dying advice and
request to her, which is published with
her own consent.

         Edinburgh 24th January 1824.

Dear____?, I address you through the medium of Mr ???,
a man who has, by his distinguished kindness and pious ex
hortations, rendered himself dear to my soul; and whose un-
weared exertions towards the promotion of my eternal well-
being, constrain me to supplicate, with unfeigned earnestness,
the blessing of that Being who alone can reward him for his
labours of love, to deecend and abide upon him and all with
whom he is connected.

You may perhaps be surprised at my not writing this last
epistle with my own hands: but I can assure you this task I
would willingly have performed, had I been capable of settling
my mind for that space of time. Let this suffice, therefore,
for my tendering you, in this way, the following advice.

In commencing this letter, reflection on the numerous
scenes of innocent mirth through which we have passed, and
the consideration that this is the last opportunity I shall ever
have of addressing one for whom, while life remains, I shall
bear the most profound respect, force a sting upon my dis-
turbed mind, and almost succeed in driving me to the brink
of despair. But there is a balm for every wound. When,
I look back upon the actions which have stained with infamy
the years that are past, my Soul would assuredly sink within
me, did not the blessed volume of divine inspiration point
out to the vilest of the race of Adam, a fountain where
every stain may be washed away, every transgression obliter-
ated. Yes, blessed be God, I have been brought to the
knowledge of that Saviour, by the merits of whose all-atoning
sacrifice alone, the chief of sinners may obtain the mercy and
forgiveness of an offened Deity. The hardened conduct
which I displayed On hearing of Douglas' respite, I now sin-
cerely regret; and hope that he will take into sarious con-
sideration" his awful situation before the Majesty of heaver,
and earnestly set about the great and important work of his
soul's salvation. And now., that I am about to leave this
vale of sin and sorrowing, the following short exhortation.
will not, I hope, be unreasanable.                                        .

Peruse carefully, the sacred Scriptures, for in them are con-
tained the words of eternal life. Cast an glance at your by-
past life, and redeem the time as those days have been evil.
Flee, I beseech you, to that Rock of Ages, who is a hiding
from the storm, and a covert from the tempest. Enlist
speedily under the banners of the great Captain of Salvation,
in the assurance that through him who hath overcome, you
will be made more than conqueror. And that the God of
all grsee may conduct you by his counsel, and afterwards re
ceive yon to his glory, is the heartfelt wish of your most
sincere friend.

The above letter was given un to the young woman, and
by the care and earnestness with which she peruses it daily,
it is hoped that it will be a compass to steer her through this
sinful and dreary world, by following the dying advice of
one she loved, and who now lies mouldering in the dust.
This was copied from the original, by a person whom the
young woman shewed it to, and is allowed to be printed with
her consent.

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Date of publication: 1824   shelfmark: F.3.a.14(15)
Broadside concerning an 'Affecting Letter'
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