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Broadside entitled 'Lamentations'



An account taken from this days Star,
of the affecting behaviour and sorrowful
situation of Thomas Black, who is to be
Executed next Wednesday, when the
respite for Reid was announced to him.
A1so, the Sorrowful Lamentation on
this awful occasion.

The following paragraph relative to Thomas Black who is
to Executed here on Wednesday first the 10th inst. for house-
breaking and theft, is copied from this day's (Friday 5th Dec.)
Edinburgh Star.

" The unfortunate young   man   Black, who is now under
sentence of Death in the jail of this city, for housebreaking,
evinces, we understand,a most becoming sense of his melan-
choly situation, as well as, the deepest contrition for his dissolute
habits of life.    A few weeks ago he requested to be indulged
with a separate cell, as the society of his companions in misery
led to conversations on their former way of life, which served
to interrupt his more serious reflections, and to divert his mind
from those important considerations which his awful situation
whs so powerfully calculated to excite.    A respite for his fel-
low-sufferer who is somewhat younger, was received last week.
It can be no impeachment of the generosity of Black, or of the
sincerity of his repentance, to find that this act of mercy to an-   
other, awakened in him all that love of life which had seeming-
ly been extinguished for ever. He sunk into a state of rhe
most heartless despondency for some time, and he could neither
think of the present nor of the future without the most agoniz-
ing feelings. During 2 days he scarcely tasted food. His mind,
however, is now restored to its wonted tranquillity, and he ex-
presses himself with calmness and resignation on the subject of
his approaching fate, an event to which he looks forward as

Y c heedless youths who persevere,
Be warn'd and quit your mad career
View me, the victim of my crime,
Cut off before I've reach'd my prime.

By evil counsel drawn away,                        
My wicked course I ran each day,
Till justice caught me in my race,
And brought me to this awful place.

My crimes and sins I now lament,
My youthful days and time mis-srent,
O may each one who views my end,
Be taught their time aright to spend.

The haunts of dissipation shun,
Avoid the wiles of those who run,
With wicked women, false though fair,
Who leave you cloth'd with black despair.
Farewell my friends, my comrades all,.
For you my tears in torrents fall,
Forgive, th' sffusions of my love,
We part in hope to meet above.

A few more hours, the struggle's past,
Life's curtain on this world is cast,
And then our spirits will soar above,
Where all is joy, and peace, and love.

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Date of publication: 1823   shelfmark: F.3.a.14(4)
Broadside entitled 'Lamentations'
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