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Broadside entitled 'Ann Semple's Confession'



YE Famales of high and low station,
I crave your attention a-while,
I was to leave the British nation,
And finish my days in exile;
For three weeks upon bread and   water,
In Paisley Jail I did he
For murdering my infant daughter,
By the law I was doom'd to die.

Twas in Paisley town I was boru ;
My parents rear'd me tenderly,
It's oftentimes they did me warn,
To try and shun bad company ;
My father and mother both died,
And left three poor orphans behind
Our wants   they were all well supplved,
A number of friends we did find.

A woman who was well respected,
Soon taught me to work for my bread,
My duty I never neglected.
While I by her counsel was led ;
Ere that my age was three and twenty,
A young lad he did me trepon,
0f misfortues I have had plenty,
O hard is the fate of poor Ana.

When that our first child was intered ;
This young man ne'er alter'd his mind
Shortly   after that we got   married,
To me he was loving and kind :
My second dear child I did bear it.
When my age was twenty and four,
Nine months in hardship I did tear it,
I'd great cause my fate to deplore,

My husband I he was sent to prison,
For poaching it's very well known,
From place to place than I was driven,
For house I had none of my own ;
I was in a state of starvation,
I'd no way to earn my bread,
Then by satans cruel temptation,
To commit murder I was led

The eight of June, I may remember,
To the Paisley canal I went,
My baby whom I rear'd tenderly
To drown it, it was my intent ;
A while I gaized on its charms
It smil'd as it lay fast asleep,
I lifted it up in my arms,
And plunged it into the deep.,

To Glasgow city I was taken,
And cendemn'd to die by the law,
My guilty conscience did awaken,
My dire situation I saw ;
The eighteenth of October, that morning,
Poor Perrie-his spirit took flight,
A gleam of hope for me was dawning,
For eight days I got arespite,

Now during her Majety's pleasure,
My days are prolonged on earth,
Life is before all earthly treasure,
We leave all who'l call'd off by death ;
I have not to croas o'er the ocean,
The young Queen has alter'd her mind ;
for five years now in Paisley Bridewell,
Ann Semple is to be confin'd.

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Probable period of publication: 1837-1850   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(138b)
Broadside entitled 'Ann Semple's Confession'
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