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Broadside ballad entitled 'There's Whisky in the Jar'


There's Whisky in the Jar.


Copies of this very popular song can always be had
in the POET'S Box, 80 London Street, Glasgow.

All kinds of Music supplied to order on moderate terms.


I'm a bold Irish hero, who never yet was daunted,         
In the courting of a pretty girl I very seldom wanted,
In the courting of a pretty girl I own it was my folly,
I would venture my life for my pretty Molly.


Mush a ring a do a da, fal lal da do da addy,
Mush a ring a do a da, there's whisky in the jar.

As I was a walking over Wicklow mountain,
I met with Colonel Powers, and his money he was counting,
I pulled out my sword, and likewise my rapier,
Saying, stand and deliver, for I'm a bold deceiver.

It's when I got the money it was a pretty penny,
I put it in my pocket, and I took it home to Molly;
She said, my dearest Pat, I never will deceive you,
But the devil's in the women, they never can be easy.

I went to Molly's chamber, you'll think it little wonder,
I laid my head upon her bed for to get a slumber;
But as I lay sleeping, I knew not of the matter,
She unloaded my two pistols, and filled them full of water.

And as I lay sleeping, I dreamed of my pretty Molly,
I saw Colonel Powers, and four stout able fellows,
I flew to my pistols, but I found I was mistaken,
Out flashed the water, and a prisoner I was taken.

Oh, Molly, dearest Molly, now since you have deceived me,
Over high hills and mountains I'm forced for to leave you;
I am to blame, but you are the faulter,
You have brought my poor head almost to a halter.

It's I have two brothers, and they are in the army,
The one lies in Cork, the other in Killarney,
And if I had them here I would be blythe and jolly,
I would rather have them now, than you, my pretty Molly.

It's when they led me through the hall,
I threw back the soldiers and loudly did call,
Many have I robbed, but never yet killed any,
And now I must die on the plains of Kilkenny.

Songs sent to any part of the country on receipt of
postage stamps for the number required, along with an
extra stamp to ensure a free return per post. Immediate
despatch may be relied upon.


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Star of Slaine

Saturday morning, Dec. 16, 1871.

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Date of publication: 1871   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(123b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'There's Whisky in the Jar'
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