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Broadside ballad entitled 'Jock Tamson's Tripe'


Jock   Tamson's   Tripe.


Copies can always be had at the poets box 190 192 Overgate

Jock Tamson lived alang wi's mither,
Puir body she hadna ony ither,
An tae hear her speak o' her darling son,
Ye'd think nursing bairns was new begun.

Ri tooral loo an a loo an a ladi,
Ri tiddy ta loorai lay.

As Jock grew up and learnt a trade,
He thocht he then big wages made;
Says he,'' I'll ha'e nae mair brose an' butter,
But I'll ha'e tripe every nicht for my supper

Tae mak' the dish Jock's mither agreed,
So Jock on tripe each nicht did feed;
It stood in a can at the eud o' the mangle,
An' Jock ate in the dark tae save the can'le.

Ae nicht as Jock tae a wadden' had wsn,                              
She thocht she'd ha'e nae tripe in the can?
'He'll be drinkin' something stronger than water,
He winna require ony tripe for his supper.

That nicth she had seme mutches tae wash,
Wi lu' warm water she gi'ed them a splash!
Wi' soap and wi' soda she steamed them white
In the can that Jock aye got his tripe-

Noo Jock cam' hame aboot ane in the morn'
Wi' a wee drap barley bree in his hern;                                 
Says he I'll hae my supper I think,
For tripe is guid for killin the drink '

He graipit for the can in the dark? ?                                 
For in the hoose there wasna a spark?
At last at the can he gat a clutch,
Syne he in wi his han' an' pu'd oot the mutch-

My fegs !: says Jock; but this bit tripe                              
Is as teuch as a gntta percha pipe.
He tore the border awa-frae the croon.
Jocks thrapple was wide an' the mutch gaed dooa?

ock gade tae bed but he couldna sleep,
O' inside qualms he faud a heap;
He thoct it was his latter en,
He jumpit oot o' bed again

Oh, me!   cried jock, "I,ll sune be deid?                  
There's something hero like a lump o' lead.'
Jocks mither awa' for the docter ran
For he gapit like a choking swan !                                       

The docter cam,' an'ordered a vomit
Tae clear Jock's stammieg o' a' that was on it:
It gar'd them stare in amaza: tae be sure,
When a clean bleach'd mutch cam oot on the flarol

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(115a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Jock Tamson's Tripe'
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