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Broadside ballad entitled 'Ballyhooly'



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There's a dashing sort of boy, who is called his mothes joy,

For his rucetion and elements they charm me;

He takes the chief command in a water-drinking band,

Called the Ballyhooly Blue ribbon Army

The ladies all declare he's the the pride of every fair,

And he bears the the patriotic name of Dooley;

When the temperance brigade do go out upon the parade,

There's not sober man in Ballyhooly.


Whililoo, hi ho, let us all enlist you know,

For their ructions and their elements they charm me;

We dont care what we ate, if we drink our whisky nate.

In the Ballyhooly Blue Ribbon Army.

When we're out upon patrol, and we're under his control,

We take of course, a most extended radous;

Although its very clear we drink only ginger beer.

We fine the drinking rather tadius.

The police one fine day, faith they chanced to come our way

And they said we were behaving most uuruly;

When the sergant he did state that we were walking strait

Faith we stretched him for a corpse in Ballyhooly.

Then before the magistrate every one of us did state.

That we had taken nothing that could injure;

And as its very clear we drink ouly ginger beer,

There must have been some stringo in the ginger beer.

Some of us did own we were drinking zoedone,

But the police was behaving most unruly,

It was all of no avail, and within the county jail,

Lies the temperence brigade of Ballyhooly.

There's a moral to my song, and it won't detain yez long,

Give up strong drink of every description;

And it's very clear yez may tire of ginger beer,

I'll give yez all a temperence perscription ;

First the sugar yez have got, then water bowling hot,

And the lemon, faith, you'll find I'm speaking truly ;

And the way you'd sprinkele salt, toss a glass or two of


Fath they called it limonade in Ballyhooly.

                  ENCORE VERSES.

As you've kindly said encore, faith we'll have a trifle more,

One merning patriotic Captain Dooiey,

Oh ! looking gay and nice, with his night cap full of ice,

Appears upon paraide in Ballyhooly.

Says he, boys do not think my headache's caused thro' drink

And to prove to yez that I am spaking truly,

Just so show I'm not afraid, produce the limonade,

Bgeora, we'll have anothor dose Qf Ballyhooly.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(104a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Ballyhooly'
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