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Broadside ballad entitled 'Death of Dr Livingstone'




Copies of this popular production can always
be obtained at the POET'S Box, 80 London Street, Glasgow



Since making songs is all the rage I thought I'd try my hand,
And bring before you something new,but you must understand
It's not about a charming girl, of whom so many authors write,
Nor yet about a howling swell that likes to prowl at night;
It is about a great man who is now dead and gone,
I 'm sure you all know who I mean, the great Dr. Livingstone ;
When he began to push his way he was as poor as you or I ,
So you see what a working lad can do if he only likes to try.

This great man as a piecer boy at first began to work,
And I'm sure he always did his best, and his duty ne'er did shirk
For the lad who does not do his duty well in life he ne'er succeeds,,
For it's not by words that he is judged, but always by his deeds.
Through reading of great travellers' lives he thought he'd like to
And so he left old Scotia's shore, his own dear native home,
And crossed the wild and stormy waves to Africa's distant land,
To teach unto her dark-skinned sons the Gospel truth so grand.

While there he heard of many tribes who white men ne'er had seen,
Far, far across the burning sands where white men ne'er had been,
So he risked his life amongst them, their country to explore,
Crossed burning sands and fertile lands to Lake 'Nyassa's shore.
He made many friends amongst them, and was the friend of all,
And tried to free their country from slavery's cursed thrall ;
He raised his voice against those men who make the negroes slaves,
And tear them from their peaceful homes to toil across the waves,

He was many times reported dead, and often was stricken down,
But great success was known his labour for to crown;
When last he sailed for Africa and left old Scotia's shore,
We did not think at that time we would ne'er see him more
He was again reported dead, and Stanley took the route
He persevered and toiled hard until he found him out ?
But he has died on Afric's sands, with none to raise his head
No loving friend to shed a tear or smooth his dying bed.


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Probable date published: 1873-   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(100a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Death of Dr Livingstone'
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