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Broadside ballad entitled 'Absence of Mind'





I'm verry absent minded of course it's want of thoughts,
But somewhat I can always do things wrong,
I make such sad mistake's that my heart it nearly brakes
And I dont think that I'll live so verry long.
A girl the other day, fell oe'r a heap of clay.
To render some assistance I did stop,
But I left the girl for dead picked up the clay insted,
And with care I took it to a doctor's shop.


Do pity me my sorrows you shall see.
To do the thing that right I feal inclined,
But I'm very often finced for my sences they get mixed
Because I've got a very absent mind,

A lady in the train placed a baby on my knee.
It flurred me a bit beyond a doubt,
The smoke from my cigar made the little baby sneyr,
So through the window I ment to throw it out            
I was trying to be kind but still my absent mind.
It very nearly drove me off my head,
I thought it was my cigar but a scream babys me,
Showed that I had slung the baby out instade.

I'm just as bad at home once it was wifes desire,
That I should take the kittle from the hob.
Fill it fall of water then place on fire.
But of course I made a muddle of the job,
When I brought the kettle back although with soot
was black.
I placed it on the chair where I reposed.
Still my absence mind aspire I sat down on the fire.
And I toasted something els besides my clothes.

I've a dog a very large one which many pople dread.
We'd both been out 'twas raining very hard,
I was so absint minded I placed the dog inside,
My self I went and chained up in the yard.
Things appired all rigbt I lay there all the night,
It rained besides the night was very dark;
I lay their like a dog I thought I was a dog,
And I never knew antil I tried to bark,

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(99b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Absence of Mind'
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