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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Hale Rick-Ma-Tick'


The Hale Rick-ma-Tick.


Copies of this popular Song can always be had
in the POET'S Box,79 London Street, Glasgow.

AIR.?" Whole Hog or None."               

Attention, freens, and listen while I sing to yon a sang,
And tell ye what I think is richt, and what I think is wrang,
Owre a' the principal topics, I'll rin in succession quick,
And gi'e you my opinion o' the hale rick-ma-tick.
So then, freens, I pray you give attention ,
And many various subject I unto you will mention,
So list while I lean upon my old fashioned stick,
And I'll gi'e ye my opinion on the hale rick-ma-tick.


It's a lang, lang time, since I was ever jolly,
For every thing about me helps tae mak' me melancholy,
It's no the warld we leeve in, it's the folk that mak' me sick,
Sae help me bob, I'm wearied wi' the hale rick-ma-tick.

I'm gled tae see this cruel war has now come to an end,
And that the German Emperor has orders gi'en, his sogers
hame tae send,                                              [feel sick,
When I think upon the bloodshed, why it mak's my heart
O! they're a lot o' blasted scoundrels, the hale rick-ma-tick.
Napoleon saw his fame decline throughout the hale French
nation,                                                [mation,
And watch'd an opportunity to raise himself in their esti-
He thocht if he'd conquer Prussia, on the throne he wid
firmly stick,
But through calculating rashly, he lost the hale rick-ma-tick.

The Royal Marriage in this country has caused nae little din,
And I'm glad to see a Scotchman the Princess Louise's hand
did win,                                             [them a' did skip,
Tho' German princes in dozens flocked after her, she past
Which shows she'd rather ha'e the marquis than the hale
When first I heard the news I wi' joy did dance, sing and
whistle,                                                          [Thistle,
To see England's Rose sae nicely won by Scotia's hardy
The German loons may a' go noo and steep their muddled
brains sae thick,                                     [rick-ma-tick.
For they have lost the Princess, the dowry, and the hale

I dauner'd oot the ither day the length o' George's Square,
To inspect the statues o' the great that I heard had been
placed there,
Whilst gazing in astonishment I felt stung to the quick,
When I saw they hadna Rabbie Burns 'mang the hale rick-
Freens, I'm sure it's a pity tae see Scotia's bard neglected,
In a place like Glasgow city where I thought he was respected
There's no a stane here tae his memory, while statues for
ithers up they stick,
It's a shame to the authorities and the hale rick-ma-tick.

The Russian Bear of late's been growlin' and seems in a
fechtin mood,                                                      [good ;
A fine bit thrashing at the present wid dae him muckle
His army may be numerous, but if he a quarrel wi' us tries
tae pick,
He'll find that British pluck is worth the hale rick-ma-tick.
For our army and our navy have long been crowned by
victory's glory,                                                    [story,
And the deeds of our noble countrymen will for ever live in
Wi' the Scots Greys and Enniskillen Dragoons, we the Rus.
sian soon wid lick,                                  [rick-ma-tick.
And show the world that Britain still is maister o' the hale

The droll changes in the fashions why they fairly me bambaze
For the young chaps maun noo hae something new in the
shape o' dandy claes ;                                          [stick,
'Mang a' their ither falldarrals they maun sport a cigar and
Tho' they seldom pay a halfpenny for the hale rick-ma-tick.
The see the way they carry on, it's an unco shame, my
certie,                                                          [be hearty,
When oot at nicht, they bawl and shout, pretending tae
While a' the siller they ha'e got couldna by a sugar-candy
stick,                                                             [ma-tick.
They're a lot o' ne'er-dae-weel scoundrels the hale rick-

Saturday, Feb. 8, 1879.                  D.--2-11-1872.

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Date of publication: 1879   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(93a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Hale Rick-Ma-Tick'
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