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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Gallant Hussar'




Copies of this Popular song, can be had the Poet's Box,

A damsel possessed of great beauty,
She stood by her own father's gate,
The galleut galient Hussars were on duty,
To view them this maiden did wait;
Their horses were capering and prancing,
From the plains they were nearer advancing
She espied hor young gallant Hussar.
The pelisses slung over their shoulders,
So carelese they seem'd for to ride,
So warlike appeared those young soldiers,
With glittering aowrds by their sides.
To the barricks next morning so early,
This damsel she went in her car.
Because that she loved. him sincerely,
Young Edwin, the gallant Hussar

It was there she conversed with her soldier,
These words they were heard for to say,
Sail lane " I've a heart none more bolder,
To follow my laddie away."
"O, fie.-," said young Edwin, "be steady,
And think on-the dangers of war,
when. the trumpet. sounds I must be ready,
So wed not your gallant Hussar."

"For twelve mouths on bread and cold water,
My parents confined me from you,
O, hard hearted friends to a daughter,
Whose heart is so loyal and true.
Unless they confine me for ever,
Or banaish me from you afar,
I will follow my soldier so clever,
And wed with my gallant Hussar."

Said Edwin, "Your friends you must mind them,
Or else you're for ever un lone,
They will leave you no poition behind them,
So pray, do my company shun."
She said, " If you be true hearted.
I have gold of my uncle's in store,
From this time no more we'll be parted,
But wed with my gallant Hussar."

As he gazed on each beautful feature.
The tears they did flow from each eye,
I'll wed with this beautiful creature,
And forsake cruel wars" he did cry.
So now they're united together,
Friends think cm them now and when afar,
Crying, "Heaven bless them now and for ever,
Young Jane and the gallant Hussar,

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(84b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Gallant Hussar'
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