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Broadside ballad entitled 'Ye'll Find I've Seen My Granny'


Ye'll Find I've


My Granny.

I'm what they ca' a Johnny Raw,
Jest new come frae the country,
I ken but little or nought ava
Compared wi' Glasgow gentry.
Although I'm but a country loon,
And no sae lang cam to the toon,
Yet I'm no sac easy taken doun,

Ye'll find I've seen my Granny. |
Glasgow chapies think I'm fly,
And many a clever trick they try,
To tak' doun is in my eye,
Ye'll find I've seen my Granny,|

In Trongate Street I met a dame,
She said, Jock how's a' wi' ye,
How is your folks a' at hame?
I'm unco glad to see ye.
I said, I doubt ye're wrang my lass,
Ye surely think I am an ass,
I'm no as green as water grass,
Ye'll find I've seen my granny,

So an ill-tarred cheil cam' up andsaid
That lady you've insulted,
For which I'll quickly punch your head
A fight soon then resulted.
Said I, I'll tak nane o' your snash,
Wi' that I hit him sic a bash,
As sent him through a window crash,
Ye'll find I've seen my granny,

I taen a thought the other night
To go and see the Theatre,
And there I met a lady bright?
A most enchanting creature.
This bloomer though sae fair and fly
To nail my watch and purse did try
Said I, my lass I'm ower fly,
Ye'll find I've seen my granny.

I lived wi' an auld miser loon,
Wha feed me for his carter,
To sell his ?? about the toun,
I mean his chalk and water,
He has a dochter young and fair,
She lo'es me weel I do declare,
I'll marry her and be his heir,
Ye'll find I've seen my granny,

Nae doubt ye'll think I'm up to Dick
Among the sporting gentry,
But noo I'll think I'll cut my stick,
And toddle hame to Fintry.
And if ye chance to that way to go,
Be sure to speir for Johnny Raw,
I'll mak ye welcome ane and a'
To come and see my granny.

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Probable period of publication: 1860-1890   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(74b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Ye'll Find I've Seen My Granny'
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