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Broadside ballad entitled 'Up In A Balloon'




Sec. 28.          Music at Hopwood and Crew's.

One night I went up in a balloon,

On a voyage of discovery?to visit the moon,

Where an old man lives, so some people say-

" Through cutting of sticks on a Sunday,"

Up went the balloon quickly, higher and higher,

Over house-top and chimney-pot, tower and spire,

I knock'd off the Monument's top very high,

And caught hold of the cross of St. Paul's going by.


Up in a balloon, up in a balloon,

All among the little stars, sailing round the moon;

Up in a balloon, up in a balloon?

It's something awfully jolly to be up in a balloon.

Up, up I was borne with terrible power,
At the rate of ten thousand five hundred an hour ;

The air was cold, the wind blew loud-

I narrowly escaped being choked by a cloud;
Still up I went, till surrounded by stars,
And such planets as Jupiter, Venus, and Mars ;
The Big and the Little Bear loudly did growl,
And the Dog Star, on seeing me, set up a howl.

I met shooting stars who were bent upon sport,

But who " shot" in a very strange manner I thought;

And one thing beat all my chalks I must say,

That was when I got into the Milky Way,

I counted the stars, till at last I thought

I'd found out how much they were worth by the quart;

An unpolite "Aerolite," who ran' gainst my car,

Wouldn't give e'er a light to light my cigar !

Next a comet went by 'midst fire like hail,
To give me a lift I seized hold of his tail;
To where he was going I didn't enquire?
We'd gone past the moon till we couldn't get higher;
Yes wa'd got to the furthermost, don't think I joke,
When somehow I felt a great shock?I awoke !
When instead of balloon, moon, and planets, I saw
I'd tumbled from off my bed on to the floor!

       And there was no balloon, there was no balloon,

There were not any planets, and there wasn't any moon;

So never sup too heavy, or by jingo very soon

You're like to fancy you are going up in a balloon !

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(63a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Up In A Balloon'
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