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Broadside ballad entitled 'Cheer Boys, Cheer Medley'



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Cheer, Boys   Cheer : Tam Glen, and Maggy Lauder,

Bessie Bell, and Mary Cray, and Jean o' Sauchielt,
Met Auld Robin Gray, on the Banks O'. Allan Water,

And danced the Reel o' Boggie there wi' Jockie far awa
When Auld John Paul cam' up wi' Bess the Gawkie,

Heather Joek, and Donald Blair, and Lonnie Bessie Lee,
Aud Bonnie Johnnie Lowrie too, alang wi' Sleepin' Maggie,

And they sang Nix My Dolly, by the Bonnis Rowan Tree.

Cheer, Boys Cheer ! the Ducks dang o'er my Daddie,

Jockie's made a Waddin o't, wi' Bonnie Jeanie Gray,
An' Willie Wastle says yon shouldn't Buy Tripe on Friday,

But Ca' the Ewes to the Knows, on Birks o' Invermay.
The Lasses a' Laugh, when Rantin ' Roarin Robin,

The Auld Wife Ayout the Fire, wi' Jessie o' Dumblaae,
They Met, 'Twas in a Crowd, and they were A' Nid Noddin,'

For Willie Brew'd a P'eck o' Maut, to Charlieo'er the Main.

Cheer, Boys, Chee ! for Jenny Dang the weaver,

Within a Mile o' Edinoro' Toun, on Clean Pcase Strae,
And, On, he was a Bonnie Lad, He was a Gay Deceivor,

He's Dead! He's Dead ! in the Cauld House o Clay.
Up an' War them a', My lady's Gown has Gairs on't

A Lassie leeves Ayont the Burn, alang the Banks o' Clyde,
Gae Doun the Burn Davie Lad, and you'll see Kitty Darlin',

For Ye cow a', quo she, and This is no my Plad.

Cheer, Boys, Cheer ! and Whistle o'er the Live o't,

Nannie wilt thou gang wi' me, My Bark is on the Sea,
Haud awa' Bide awa' frae me, Danty Davie,

it's bye wi' ye a' noo, and Ye never Daut on me
I'm afloat,   I'm afloat , and A Man's a Man for a that,

Steer my Back to Eein's Hes, O! Happy Happy Land,
O'er the Hills and far aw', We'll hae a wee Drap mair o't,

Then, Hip, Hip, Hurrah ! and Noo what will you stand.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(59b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Cheer Boys, Cheer Medley'
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