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Broadside ballad entitled 'Return o' the Gallowgate Lad'



This Popular Song can always be had
at the Poet's Box, Dundee.

Tune-My Love Nell.

I 'm as happy as a, queen, and the day gangs alang

Like an hour in the month o' May,
Said young Maggie Benson, wi' a face fu' o' smiles,

For my lad's come back the day.
Aye, and mony's the lang weary nicht I've passed

Since my love bade me gudebye ;
I never thocht I'd leeve tae see this happy day,

For I've done nocht but cry.

          CHORUS.          .

But Jock's come back, and well hear his crack,

About the lang ane and twenty days ;
The Militia's broken up, and my lover he's come hame,

He's come hame wi' his sodger's claes.

He never sent a letter a' the time he was awa',

Though he micht, for I'd dune't for him ;
He never let us ken if he miss'd us there at a'?

Such neglect's an awfu' sin.

But I'll talk to him when I get him by mysel',

And I'll let him ken my mind ;
Though I'm certain the lad's nae better than he should,

Still I think in his heart he is kind.

I've heard that he courted anither lass when awa'?

Do you think he would be that bad ?
Tho' he's bad enough for ought, and disna care for nought,

Yet I think that he's still my lad.
I ken that he was fond o' the lasses when at hame.

But it's natural that he should ;
And I've heard his mither say that his father was the same,

So ye see that it rins in the bluid.

He's never got promoted, tho' I'm certain that he micht,

But he blacked the corporal's eye,
And they gave him such a crop I fairly thought I'd drop,

When I first saw my love come nigh..
But his military figure, and fine sodger's claes,

Made us wish he'd keep them on ;
He looked sae respectable, what he always does,

I ca'd him nocht else but "John."

He kissed my mither first when he cam' into the house,

There's nae jealousy in my breast,
But I think he micht ha'e seen I was standin' by her side,

And he noticed me the least.
But the puir lad was drunk wi' the drink he had had,

And could hardly stand, I seed;                           

I wish he'd stop at hame, then I'd keep him for himsel',

My brave-lookin' Gallowgate lad.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(42a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Return o' the Gallowgate Lad'
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