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Broadside ballad entitled 'Massacre of Macpherson'


Massacre of Macpherson

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Fhairson swore a feud against the clan Mactavish,

Marched into their land to murder and to ravish,

For he did resolve to extirpate the vipers,

With four and twenty men and five and thirty pipers.


Too ran ach a' he,

Dal a gee a sorus,

Come a' rach an tuch,

And that's a Gaelic chorus.

                         But when he had gone half way down Strath Canaan.
Of his fighting tail just three were remainin'?
These were all he had to back him in ta battle,
All the rest had gone off to drive ta cattle.

Fery coot, cried Fhairson, so my clan disgraced is,
Lad's, we'll need to fight before we touch the beasties.

Here's Mic-Mac-Methusaleh coming wi' his vassals,

Gillies seventy-three and sixty dhuine wassails.
Coot day to you, sir, are you not ta Fhairshon ?

Was you coming here to visit any person?

You're a plackguard, sir, it is now six hundred

Coot long years and more since my glen was plunder'd,

Fat is tat you say ?   Dare you cock your peaver ?
I will teach you, sir, fat is coot pehaviour?
You shall not exist for another day more,
I will shoot you, sir, or stap you with my claymore.

I am fery glad to learn what you mention,
Since I can prevent any such intention ;
So Mic-Mac-Methusaleh gave some warlike howls,
Drew his skhian-dhu and stuck it in his powels.

In this fery way tied ta faliant Fhairshon,

Who was always thought a superior person;

Fhairson had a son who married 'Noah's daughter,
And nearly spoiled ta Flood by drinking up ta water.

Which he would have done, I at least believe it,
Had ta mixture peen only half Glenlivet.
This is all my tale?sirs, I hope 'tis new 't ye !
Here's your fery good healths, and hang ta whusky tuty.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(38b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Massacre of Macpherson'
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