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Broadside ballad entitled 'Bundle and Go'



The winter is gane, love, the sweet spring again, love,

Bedeeks the blue mountain and gilds the dark sea,
Gi'ein' birth to the blossom, and bliss to the bosom,

And hope for the future to you love, an' me.
For far to the west, to the land of bright freedom,

The land where the vine and the orange trees grow,
I fain would conduct thee, my ain winsome dearie?

Then hey, bonnie lassie, will you bundle and go ?

The vales an' the wildwood, the scenes o' our child-
Will ever be dear to your memory an' mine;

But the cauld blasts o' poortith that sweeps Scotland's

Gars mony a fond heart in sorrow repine;

Maks aft the leal laddie to lose his dear lassie,
Or opens the fount o' her saut tears to flow;

But the land o' fair plenty invites us, my Mary-
Then hey, bonnie lassie, will you bundle and go ?

Weel, weel ha'e I lo'ed thee, an' lang ha'e I woo'd

An' faes to our sweet future hopes there are nane;
Then why should we tarry, my ain bonnie Mary,

Or sever twa hearts that will aye beat as ane ?
Frae poortith to shield thee, in bliss to upbuild thee,

Will aye be the first dearest wish I can know;
To mak' thy hame cheerie, and tend thee, my dearie ?

Then hey, bonnie lassie, will you bundle and go ?

To the deep verdant valleys and braid fields sae fertile,

Where wealth's for the winning, if will guides the

Where flowers bloom fairer and landscapes are rarer.

An' the skies are more bright than in our fatherland.
Where great rolling rivers are laden wi' riches,

Upon the inhabitants wealth to bestow ;
To the west, to the land of bright freedom and plenty,

Rise up, bonnie lassie, we'll bundle and go.

I ken, my dear laddie, it's true all you've tauld me,

An' I'll say nae langer that I winna gang,
Though I'm wae, wae to leave my sweet hame in the

An' a' the dear friends wha ha'e lo'ed me sae lang.
But my faither and mither are happy thegither,

I ken noo, my laddie, they winna say no,
For baith ha'e consentit that I should gae wi' you,

Then up, my dear laddie, we'll bundle and go.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(38a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Bundle and Go'
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