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Broadside ballad entitled 'Young Jamie o' the Forty-and-Two'





One evening as 1 walk'd by Clyde's banks so gay ;
It was for recreation that way I did stray ;
A fair maid I heard singing her own mournful lag.
Saving, the lad I lo'e dearly's gane noo far away.

To quell the proud tyrants, my dear laddie has gane
And left me to wander here, dreary my lane,
On the 4th day of May last my dear gaed awa'
To brave Colin Campbell, wi' the Forty-and-twa.

Clyde's banks now I roam in sorrow and care.
While Jamie is facing the foe in the war;
To fight for his country and Queen gane awa'.
The tyrants to quell wi' the Forty-and-twa.

His absence I mourn, and in grief I lament;

If I had gane wi' him, I would ha'e been content,             '

Fain would I now gang if I could get awa',

And wad fight by his side wi' the Forty-and-twa,

He said, my dear lassie for some time we must part,
But although at a distance you'll retain my heart.
When in the field of battle I will bear you in mind.
And think on the lassie I now leave behind.

Farewell! my dear lassie, I no longer can stay,
It's duty that calls me and I must obey ;
I'll return to your arms,?true love will me draw,?
With my bonnet unstained with the Forty-and-twa.

Kind heaven protect, and send him safe o'er the sea,
And waft my dear sodger safe back unto me.
I would dress in my tartans, and busk mysel braw.
To welcome my love wi' the Forty-and-twa.

My love he is handsome, and fair to be seen;
His eye like the eagle in battle is keen ;
But in love like the dove, is my laddie so braw,
Wi' the bonnet and plaid o' the Forty-and-twa.

In the High Street of Glasgow this fair maid did dwell,
Her name I'll not mention, though I know her right well,
She has since received tidings from her love at the war?
Saying, I'm on my way home, with a trifling scar.

But a few weeks ago, as you must understand,
ler Jamie arrived in his own native land.

now they an married, true-love's breeze does blaw:
anjoy's her true sodger o' the Forty-and-twa

Now to conclude and finish out my sang,
Once more to the Indies young Jamie maun gang,
And she's gaun wi' him in spite o' them a'?
Young Ellen and her Jamie o' the Forty-and-twa.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(36a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Young Jamie o' the Forty-and-Two'
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