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Broadside ballad entitled 'Hatton Woods' or 'The Bonnie Woods o' Hatton'






This Popular Song can always be had at the Poet's Box,
224 Overgate, Dundee.

Ye comrades and companions, and all ye   females dear,

To my sad lamentations, I pray you lend   an ear ;

There was once I lo'ed a bonnie lass, I lo'ed her as my life,

And it was my whole intention to make her my we dded wife.

I courted we' the bonnie lass a Twelve-month-and-a-day,
Sometimes among the green grass, sometimes among the hay ;
I courted her the leelang night, and part of the next day,
Till she says, My dearest Sandy lad, it's time you were away.

Now say my dearest Molly when shall we set a time,
When you and I will get married, and hands together join,
And we'll sit in oor wee cottage, and ye'll neither spin nor sew,
Whilemyaingude-heartedhireman lad goes whistlin at the plough

There's Cadum and there's Cadum Mills and Luther Mills likewise
There woods and waters many more pleasant to mine eyes,
But the bonnie woods O' Hatton, they a' grow green in May,
It was there about the lassie lived that stole my heart away,

I'll mind about you bonnie lass when I am far awa,
I'll speak about yon bonnie lass to them she never saw,
I'll tell them that I loed her well but to me she proved untrue,
And she left me doon by Hatton Woods my follys for to rue.

But blessings on yon bonnie lass, where ever she may be,
I wish no evil unto her although she slighted me,
I only wish that she may say some day before she die,
I wish I had wed yon hireman lad that sang so sweet to me'

Can always be had at the Poet s Box.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(32a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Hatton Woods' or 'The Bonnie Woods o' Hatton'
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