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Broadside ballad entitled 'Fitba Wull'



Sung with success by JAMES EWEN.
Air.?"Oor Jock's a handy chappie."

Copies of this popular Song can always be at the Poet's Box


I am, ye see, a weaver, freens,

                   Jist cam' f'rae Vinegar Hill,

Tae sing aboot a son o' mine's
That's nicknamed Fitba' Wull.
               He used to be as quate's mouse,

An' went to Sunday Schule,
             But noo ha's boss ower a' the hoose,

An' dis jist what he will.
Spoken?Ay, freens, I've seen the time when oor Wull wad gang

a' the messages for his mither, an' stey in at nicht an' hand the waen;

but noo he maun ha'e his bellmouthed strides, his wee bit coat, an'

ane o' the keelie bonnets wi' the long skips?the rale fecht-if-you-can
style. An', tae croon a', he's joined a Fitba' Club, an' naething's safe
noo that comes within' reach o' his feet, for he'll kick onything frae
a tin can doon tae a hauf deid cat. He's an awfu' chairger tae; he's
on feart tae chairge a blin' man or a cripple, if they're kinna delicate
luckin'. He's a splendid dodger tae when the boby's aifter him?
an' mak's mair fowls in an 'oor thin a poulterer could sell in a month.
But talk aboot yer cairter's trip?it's naething tae the trips ye get at
Fitba', an' miu' ye, ye never need tae pay a faurden for them, ye get
them a' for naething -but that's neither here nor there, I've jist cam
here tae tell ony o' ye that used tae ken oor Wull when he was
sick a quate wee chap that ye widna ken him?For


A change has come ower Wully,
For Fitba' he's gaun silly,
He kicks my hat, he kicks the cat, an' chairges at the


He dribbles roun' table,
An' mak's the hoose like Babel,
The neebors a' declare oor Wull's got Fitba' on the brain

He's jined the Causey Dribbler's Club,

That plays on Glesca Green,
An' bounces that they often drub

The Elin' Asylum Team.
He says that they ha'e often bate,

MacLeod's Wax Figuers tae,
An' tells at an awfu' rate

Aboot his ain Club's plays.

Noo, when a frindly game begins,

Wull's Club aye tak's the prize
For brakin' legs, an' kickin' shins,

Or swarin' lots o' lies.
An' if they win, wi speech an' sang,

The nicht's passed in a pub ;

But if they lose, they get a gang

Tae slug the ither club.

Spoken?It's a fact if ye beats Wull's club at Fitba' ye have tae
fecht them aifter. Sac I'd abvise ony o' ye that's gaun tae jine a
Fitba' club tae practise wi' the dumb-bells nicht an'mornin', or learn

tae box -ye'll need it-an' if ever ye play against Wull's club, fetch

a stracher an' twa or three pair o' stults alang wi' ye. an say yer pray.

ers before ye begin,for min,'I tell you

A change has come, &c.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(29a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Fitba Wull'
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