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Broadside ballad entitled 'Oor Maggie's got a Bairn'



Copies of this popular Song can he had at at
190 & 192 Overgate, Dundee.

While taking a crack ower a guid social drap

In a public-house near by to the station
Blawing up their heads aboot my great deeds,

And other important things o' the nation;
My gude-brother Jim, he came running in,

Sic a rage at me be good swearing,
Man, he says?Jock, its a shame. when ye ought to be hame

For your Maggie she's getting a bain.


Cheery's the life when you've got a guid wife,

Your sorrows when and joys to sharen,'

I'm sae happy within, I could loup oot my skin,
On the nicht oor Mag got a bairn.

Noo, I didna tak' time, to bid them guid night,

But I took to my heels and gead spinin',
Strached up a back lane the nearest road hame,

No lookin' tae whaure I was rinnin',
I fell ower a big stane and broke my shin dane

Beside rowin' amang a lot o' cow's sharn,
I made my clase sic a sicht, I wad gien ye a fricht,

The nicht oor Meg got a bairn.

When I got to the door I saw drink in glore,

On the table a cheese?the best gowie?
When the neighbours me spied oot, richt they a' cried?

Jock, ye'd better rin aff and fetch the howdie,
They shoved a glass in my han' saying ye'd better on stand.

Ye'd better rin aff and fetch Mrs M'Lairen,

She's best in the town, tae a woman that's doon,

And ye'll soe a unco fat bair.

Noo, I was quite boosed, and my mind was confused,

I put my han'in my pouch for tae feel for a bawbee,
Birl'd it up in the air, cryin' oot a fair play,

Heads or tails for a laddie or lassie.
But when it cam' doon, share I couldna' understan,'

Which was which, an' I wisna' muckle cairin'.
As lang as it's somethin' I dinna' gie' a dot,

Onything in the shape o' a bairn.

I sune seat the howdie when I faund her out,

The wife thocht me clean oot o' my senses,
Instead o' rappin' at the door, I set it clean in on the flour,

Cryin' oot wife?I'll pay a. expenses,
Noo ye'll gang tae my wife or she'll sune loose her life,

She's as fat as five boundles o' yarin,
Ye'll be weel paid the nicht if you mak' things a' richt,

On the nicht oor Meg got a bairn,

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(28a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Oor Maggie's got a Bairn'
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