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Broadside ballad entitled 'John Anderson, My Jo (a new reading)'




Copies of this popular Reaidng can always be had the POET'S Box,
Overgate, Dundee.

"JOHN ANDERSON, my jo John; when we were lad an'


I never thocht that sic & thing wid ever come to pass,?
That we wid brawl an' fecht, John, an' deave our neebors so
You 'll see your error yet, I think, John Anderson my jo'

" I see guidwife, yo dinna tak' the credit tae yersel,
Tho' aft frae dawn to dusky eve, yor tongue gaes like a bell'
While through the hoose we' vengefu ' spite, ye kick the

chairs and stools,
I aften wish that you of' I lay sleepin' in the mools"

"An' ance my heid were hod, John, yo'll find an unco Want,
Your purse will be but licht John, an' ither things as scant;
I'm no that ill a wife. John, tae tak me on the whole,
Ye little ken the misery a woman has tae thole "

"What things can be sae scant guidwife ; just tell me that
I pray;

Ye ken I 've neither coat nor sark tae grace the sabbath day;

An' where's the man that has a wife wha's purse gets roll-
ing fu'

She empties it an' fills the pop?that's been the gate o'"you."

"Ye needna roose an' flyte, .John, like ony norlan blast,
For mind, I 'll hae the hinmost wird tho' it should be my


Yer grown a sulky loon, John, an' that fu' well I know,
The honest smile's gaen aff yer face, John Anderson, my jo,

"When first I was yer lass, John, yer wirds were mild an'

Sweet honeyed wirds fell frae yer lips, an' smiles adorned

yer cheek;

But here we'll let it rest, John, an' tae oor bed will go.
An' hae a crack some ither nicht, John Anderson my Jo.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.70(15b)
Broadside ballad entitled 'John Anderson, My Jo (a new reading)'
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